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February 19, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- A security video captured a customer going berserk in North Philadelphia pizza shop.

The violent rampage including throwing a punch at an employee, tried to pull the worker across the counter, then ripped an ordering computer from the counter and threw it at the employee.

Two females entered the store and, with considerable effort, managed to get the customer out the door.

Jim Crow laws were enacted in some southern states to protect white people from such violence. Those laws have long since been repealed leaving law-abiding Americans no choice but to avoid black communities and their omnipresent violence.

The attacker is wanted by police for aggravated assault.

White liberals complain that white privilege is the cause of a disparity between blacks and whites. That disparity, in turn, leads to frustration and subsequent violent episodes, such as the scene witnessed in the video, they argue. However, such crime is rare in poverty-stricken white regions, such as Appalachia, the poorest area in the nation.

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  2. My father's generation was right about these people. Can't and won't function within a high level of civilization. No matter what the situation may be, blacks prove this fact every day.

    1. my father said when i was old they would be murdering you in the streets and it would be you're fault, here we are.

  3. Looks like a clear cut case of racial intimidationagainst the white boy behind the counter, destruction of property, and acting like a savage in public,I hope he gets caught

  4. "White liberals complain that white privilege is the cause of a disparity between blacks and whites"

    Then what causes me to be so much lower than most Blacks? What about the Whites that are doing worse financially than are the vast majority of Blacks? How would liberals explain that?


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