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February 22, 2015

Each week the mainstream Marxist media ignores hate crimes.

The reason?

The media prefer to publish stories they can exploit to further the cultural Marxism narrative. That narrative presents white people as being the oppressing bourgeois and non-whites their proletariat victims.

Stories that fail to meet that criteria are routinely ignored, effectively blacking out the truth.


An elderly couple was tortured and murdered in South Africa earlier this month. That story was blacked out by the national and international media. Had the victims been black and their killers white, the story would have received wall-to-wall coverage for months.

Below are some of the racial hate crimes we found in local media but deprived of national coverage.

Date    Alleged Crime    Alleged Victim    Image
2015-01-12 Tortured, raped, and murdered during home invasion Rienie Swanepoel, 70 [SA]
2015-01-12 Tortured and murdered during home invasion Toon Swanepoel, 71 [SA]
2015-02-14 Home invasion David Platts, wife, & daughter
2015-02-07 Shot to death in murder-suicide Larry Tuttle, 40
2015-02-17 Shot to death in his driveway Josh Tucker, 31
2015-02-07 Robbed and murdered in his apartment Steven Arnold, 57
2015-02-18 Kicked to death by four 'teens' Scott Simerson, 24
2015-02-18 Attacked by mob of Muslim street thugs Unidentified couple (UK)
2015-02-18 Punched in face by rapper Unidentified young woman
2015-02-12 Stabbed to death Monique Carly Rakowski, 19 (UK)
2015-02-16 Shot dead while playing in front yard John Swoveland Jr., 2
2015-02-16 Beaten by passerby Richard Sandon, 52 (UK)
2015-02-13 Physically abused in nursing home (settlement) Eryeta Mayberry, 96
2015-02-09 Beat to death with sledgehammer Jeffrey Schobert, 56
2015-02-09 Beat to death with sledgehammer Margaret Schobert, 59


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