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February 23, 2015 -- The Expropriation Bill of 2015 is the latest effort of the South African government to effectively seize any property.

If the bill becomes law it will allow any government agency to take property from citizens at will. Property includes more than real estate. Any physical property -- including firearms, computers, clothing, even food -- can be transferred from rightful owners to the government.

• The legislation requires the owners to be compensated for expropriated property at a value determined by the government.

• Failure of property owners to initiate legal proceedings challenging the expropriation within 60 days of a second notice will constitute consent. The cost of litigation may be higher than the worth of the property being seized by the government.

• Critics say the legislation is unconstitutional. Currently search-and-seizure warrants are required before the government can seize any property for most any reason.

• Ramifications include discouraging investment in South Africa. The legislation, if it becomes law, could be a final blow to South Africa's already struggling economy.

Although the bill is unconstitutional, advocates of property seizure justify the measure as social justice. They adhere to a false narrative in which white settlers were thought to have stolen land from black Africans.

They fail to acknowledge that most of South Africa was largely unoccupied when Dutch settlers arrived in the mid-seventeenth century. With few exceptions, the black majority in South Africa are descendants of immigrants who migrated to the area to exploit the wealth of the white population. The migration was similar to the current influx of Hispanics into the United States and Muslims into Europe.

See video below.

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