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February 23, 2015 -- Bless their hearts.

Muslims pulled off another hoax recently.

Clad in the latest traditional Islamic trendy hijabs -- bland gray and black -- Muslims held hands and formed a protective ring around a synagogue in Oslo, Norway.

It's akin to a group of bank robbers forming a ring of love around the local savings-and-loan. It makes good press, but in the end, it's totally for show.

A similar stunt was pulled off in Ferguson, Missouri in November when a group of armed blacks took up positions in front of a white-owned gas station. That's likely where the organizer got the idea.

The difference: The armed blacks in Ferguson were sincere. The Muslims were not.

How do we know?

According to, the Muslim stunt was organized by Mohammed Ali Chishti. Chrishti is noted for his anti-Jewish rhetoric. He is notorious for his blunt "I hate Jews" comments.

More telling were witnesses to the event. Those in the vicinity took note that while many hand-holders were dressed in Islamic drab, the peep-holes in the hajibs revealed ethnic Norwegians.

In other words, the one-thousand-plus Muslims who formed the protective ring around the endangered synagogue were almost certainly non-Muslim leftists in Islamic costumes.

Media images of the crowd are sparse. There are reasons.

First, the fraudsters don't want us getting a good look. Second, Breitbart reports the number of actual participating Muslims was only about twenty

For his part Chishti claims to have turned over a new leaf. He now has a bout of the warm-and-fuzzies for Jews. My best guess: It's an ongoing hoax to deceive the simple minded.

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