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February 20, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- One of three savages who broke into a South Carolina home and threatened to kill children who lived there was captured when he later broke into a nearby residence.

News reports say David Platts saw a savage crouched in the corner of his laundry room. The intruder had entered through the dog's door and was pointing a shotgun directly at Platts.

Determined to protect his wife and teenage daughter, Platts wrestled the gun from the savage and handed it off to his wife who held the intruder at gunpoint while their teenage daughter phoned police.

The intruder was identified as Jahmand Mcneill.

Cultural Marxism would blame the intrusion on Platts family's white privilege.

The crime occurred February 14, 2015 in Lexington, S.C.

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What would you do if you opened a door in your home and saw the end of a shot gun?

For one Midlands man, protecting his family was all that mattered.

"I figure that's what any husband or father would do," David Platts said.

Platts says he discovered a man crouched in his laundry room, pointing a shotgun directly at him early Saturday morning.

He says he doesn't remember anything that went through his head before he lunged at the intruder...except for one thing.

"The only thing I do remember was that I knew if he got past me, he was going to go after my wife and my daughter."

Within seconds, Platts says he was able to pry the shotgun from the intruder's hands.

"I called for my wife and she took the shotgun out of my hand," he said.

Their daughter, 17 years old, was the one who called police while wife Carrie Platts held the shotgun at the intruder. They say he broke in through their doggy door.

"When David had him on the floor he just kept staring at my daughter. and now when she closes her eyes at night that's all she sees," Carrie said. "We're all having trouble sleeping. we're having trouble just being here because you're been invaded. your home's been invaded. your privacy's been taken away."

Unknown to the Platts family at the time, arrest warrants say the intruder Jahmand Mcneill, along with two accomplices, broke into a home down the street, locked a couple in their shower, and threatened to kill their three children.

And even though Platts' quick thinking landed the three suspects in jail, he doesn't consider himself a hero.

"I see where people are calling me a hero. to me, I'm not a hero. I did what a father and husband is supposed to do."

He says that title belongs to someone else.

"It felt like an eternity but it wasn't more than three minutes to five before the first law enforcement officer arrived," he said. "So you know, my hats off to them. those guys are the heroes."

Now the Platts family says they are just eager to heal.

"It's going to take time. If you get to where you don't feel like you can be safe in your own home, where can you go to be safe?"

The three suspects are being held without bond.

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  1. "News reports say David Platts saw a savage crouched in the corner of his laundry room".

    I just come here for the comedy.

  2. isn't diversity wonderful and it you white people that are the no1 threat(sarcasm) to national security.


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