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February 22, 2015 -- Approximately 800,000 Afrikaners are living in abject poverty by force of the South African government.

Afrikaners are living without basic services such as sewage, plumbing, electricity etc.

An organization called Boervrouliga is moving forward with a solution: It has established community expressly to relieve the oppression. The group has founded a community called Kleinvallei.

The project is led by Sunette Bridges. You may view her web site here ►

From we read:

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Kleinvallei is the flagship-project of the Boervrouliga and is aimed at finding a solution to the crises of poverty, unemployment and squatter camp existence that more than 17% of the white Afrikaner Ethnic Minority is faced with.

As an Ethnic Minority, white Afrikaners have several very serious problems in this country at the moment. One of these is the horrendous rate at which our elderly folk are being murdered. This cannot continue any longer and it is up to us to find a solution to this desperate crisis. The private retirement villages are extremely expensive and way beyond the means of most. The State funded homes are serious state of neglect and no place for our elderly to retire with dignity and even in their derelict state, too expensive for our elderly who receive a meager old age pension of R1365 (€98) per month.

White South African farmers are being murdered at an alarming rate, currently measured at 122/100,000, which is 5000 times higher than the murder rate in countries like Germany and Australia and more that 3 times higher than the already unacceptable murder rate in the country of 38/100,000.

The problem we are attempting to address with this project is the vast number of our people ending up in squatter camps daily.

Over the past 12 years I have been involved in countless projects with various organizations in an attempt to supply food, clothing, blankets, medical care, school fees, anything imaginable to provide the most basic needs of the Displaced and Impoverished white Afrikaner Community, yet these numbers increase daily.

The Impoverished white Afrikaner Community has grown disproportionately to a staggering 600 000. That is more than 17% of our total Ethnic Minority. We desperately need to find a more permanent solution to the children born into the squalor and poverty of squatter camps, with no prospect of ever improving or escaping their circumstances. If given the opportunity, these people could make a better life for themselves.

You might argue that there is poverty and suffering all over the world, so why give special attention to this particular group of people?

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  1. Is this our future once white people become a minority in the USA?

  2. Until and unless they are able to arm themselves, they're doomed.


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