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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

February 20, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- Authorities are searching for a black male, about 20 years old, wearing a black hoodie and appearing as if he could be Barack Obama's son.

The suspect is wanted for the shooting death and robbery of a Hispanic teen who was apparently walking to his job at a construction site.

52.2 percent of all homicides in America are committed by blacks. Nearly all are black males, ages 18 to 49 who comprise about 4 percent of the population.

The national media will ignore this homicide because it fails to meet the cultural Marxism narrative in which white people are the oppressors (bourgeois) and non-whites are their victims (proletariat). The national media simply ignores violent crimes that can't be exploited.

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Investigators are looking for a man who shot and killed a teenager after a robbery at a construction site Wednesday morning.

According to Houston police, Frank Medrano, 19, was on his way to a new home construction site on 720 South Ella Creek Drive near Rankin when he was robbed and shot.

Medrano's parents and brother described him as a good person and also asked for the public's help.

"He was a great kid, great brother, very friendly," said Medrano's older brother, Erick Gutierrez. "If he saw that you needed help, he would stop and help you.  To me, he was a good example of a good Samaritan."

According to police, several witnesses heard the gunshot and saw the man running from the scene. Co-workers describe the gunman as a 20-year-old African-American, about 6 feet tall with a medium to muscular build. He was wearing a black hoodie with a single gray stripe down both sleeves as well as a white stripe around the face opening, and dark blue or black pants.

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  1. The term African American should never be used to describe a negro. For example, if you are describing a black who does not live in America is clearly not an a.a. What do we call Africans in Europe?

  2. "Co-workers describe the gunman as a 20-year-old African-American, about 6 feet tall with a medium to muscular build. He was wearing a black hoodie" >> This is so racist! What is the need to mention that the killer was African-American? Just to smear the peaceful African-American race?

    And, everyone has the right to wear a hoodie! Probably the killer was racially profiled, for the hoodie. Thus he had no other choice but to vent his justified anger about this racist profiling. 200 years of slavery, and then this racial insult. The shooting is more than justified ! /sarcasm end


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