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January 25, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- Reality has always presented a problem for leftism.

We saw that last year when, after generations of ratchet behavior, the media suddenly discovered the 'knock-out game' as if it were a new phenomenon. Liberalism smirked and concluded that random black-on-white attacks were the stuff of urban legends.

There were, of course, scores of such attacks that had been video recorded and posted on the Internet. Still, in the face of overwhelming empirical evidence, anything less than abject denial was discounted as racism.

The 'knock-out game' phenomenon contradicted cultural Marxism's narrative that blacks are victims of white oppression. Consequently it was written out of the script as if it never happened.

Insane? Of course it is. But if liberals were logical, they wouldn't be liberals.

Similarly, the reality of Muslim 'no-go' zones in Europe presents a problem to the multicultural agenda of the left. True to form, the left simply denies such areas exist.

The problem is compounded by the identification of 751 such zones in France alone and the reluctance of the media to venture into these regions to prove they are safe.

This problem exasperates itself due to 'no-go' zone references made in the past by the media.

An article in NewsBusters.org documented some of these references.

• From a 2005 AP new report on riot in France: "Some officials suspect the unrest that reached into Paris proper early Sunday has in part been instigated by gangs hoping to turn their neighborhoods into no-go zones for police so drug trafficking and racketeering can thrive."

Reaching back nearly 10 years we find The Brussels Journal making these references to 'no-go' zones throughout Europe:

• Sweden: “‘If we park our car it will be damaged – so we have to go very often in two vehicles, one just to protect the other vehicle,’ said Rolf Landgren, a Malmo police officer. Fear of violence has changed the way police, firemen and emergency workers do their jobs. There are some neighborhoods Swedish ambulance drivers will not go to without a police escort. Angry crowds have threatened them, telling them which patient to take and which ones to leave behind.”

• France: “Sarkozy says that violence in French suburbs is a daily fact of life. Since the start of the year, 9,000 police cars have been stoned and, each night, 20 to 40 cars are torched.”

• Brussels: “The police has been told [by the Mayor] that it is ‘not expedient’ to patrol [in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek] and officers are not allowed to drink coffee or eat a sandwich in the street during ramadan.”

• Denmark: “For several nights in a row Rosenhøj Mall has been the scene of the worst riots in Århus for years. ‘This area belongs to us’, the youths proclaimed. [...] ‘The police have to stay away. This is our area. We decide what goes on down here’. [...] Falck, a Danish private emergency service, sent a group of fire engines under police escort to the Kjærslund nursery on Søndervangs Allé, right across the street from Rosenhøj Mall. A window had been shattered at the back of the house, and the fire had been blazing, apparently caused by gasoline poured onto the floor and lit. Falck stopped on Viby Square, a couple of kilometers from the site of the arson attack, waiting for the police to turn up so they could be escorted to the nursery.”

The article concludes, "...the Muslim population in Western Europe has become so large that politicians fear what it might be capable of. Commenting on the situation in Britain, Theodore Dalrymple wrote in City Journal: “Surveys suggest that between 6 and 13 percent of British Muslims – that is, between 98,000 and 208,000 people – are sympathetic toward Islamic terrorists and their efforts."

Be mindful the above paragraph was written ten years ago.

The incursion of Islam into Europe is undeniable. The evidence for 'no-go zones' is overwhelming. One may as well deny the roundness of the earth or the law of gravity.

Nonetheless, leftism is undeterred in its denial, referring to 'no-go' zones as "myths."

The objective is to destroy Western culture through displacement. Evidence of that objective cannot be erased, but it can be ignored and denied.

Leftism is aware that humans have created no fewer than 100,000 religions, 99,999 of which must necessarily be bogus, at least in part. Leftism is aware that our minds innately defer to alternate realities and seamlessly abandon truth to embrace bizarre mental conflagrations even as reality stares us in the face.

To that end, leftism creates an alternate reality and those who subscribe to its insanity are rewarded by the warm glow of inclusion. Those who prefer to live in a real world are analogous to infidels, are stigmatized as undesirables, and consigned to the outer limits of social rejection; something that emotionally intolerable to most humans.

And the so myths spun by cultural Marxism proliferate and we will pretend that 'no-go' zones don't exist.

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