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January 29, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- A 19-year-old woman identified as Maria P. was stabbed in the stomach, doused with gasoline, and set afire in Germany.

The alleged attackers were arrested Friday.

According to news reports Maria's Turkish Muslim boyfriend demanded she abort her baby. When she refused he and an Islamic companion killed her.

The news report claims Maria's 19-year-old Turkish boyfriend was outraged that she had dishonored him by refusing to abort her baby.

The attack reportedly occurred Thursday night in a wooded area near Niedersch├Âneweide, Germany.

Maria was stabbed twice in the stomach and, as she struggled in agony to survive, the two Muslims doused in fuel and set her afire.

After the two were convinced Maria was dead, they covered her remains with branches. Her body was discovered the following day by a man walking a dog after the dog uncovered the branches.

The perpetrators waited quietly until the woman had died and burned and then covered the charred body with pine branches. On Friday morning, a dog owner took while walking corpse, because his dog had struck. A few hours later, Mohammed was east. (Name changed by the editors) arrested. The judge issued arrest warrant against him nor on Friday. A police spokeswoman confirmed to our request, "the 19-year-old was pregnant" The eighth homicide has taken over the investigation.

The murder failed to invoke outrage from the European media that prefers to advance the cultural Marxism narrative that Muslims (proletariat) are violent because they are oppressed by white Europeans (bourgeois).

Had the crime been reversed, it would have been massively exploited by the media as evidence of white hatred, intolerance, racism, and bigotry.

We've heard no outcry from neo-feminism. Again, the crime fails to meet the vetting process in which only white males are implicated in the abuse of women.

Niedersch├Âneweide is about two hours drive north of Dresden where, Monday evening, an estimated 17,000 Germans rallied to oppose the displacement of Western culture by Islam.

ht/ Kyle Rogers

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Image credit: info.kopp-verlag.de

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  1. That's what happens when you become a race traitor and get pregnant by a muslim towel head. At least the half bred dirt baby and its mom died. Let this be a lesson to any other white women thinking its cool to date and breed outside your own race.

  2. He should get the maximim punishment then same they did with Sadam EXICUTION

  3. They really are animals aren't they?

  4. There was a similar situation in England a couple years back. A Muslim guy knocked up his white English girlfriend. When she told him she was pregnant, he dumped her. So she went to his home and told his parents about it. This apparently shamed him, and he decided to teach her a lesson. He asked her to meet him somewhere outdoors for "a talk." When she showed up, he beat the shit out of her, strangled her, and dumped her in a canal. She was still alive and semiconscious, but drowned in the canal.

  5. I think naive women that are conned by these demons suffer from low self-esteem and were probably neglected by family members. She was young and did not know the way of the world, nor the potential for evil that resides in the masochistic Muslim mind. R.I.P.


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