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January 19, 2015 -- PEGIDA is a grassroots movement in Europe that defends Western culture from Islamic subversion.

The mainstream Marxist media demonizes the movement as 'pinstriped Nazis,' a reference to their characteristic good grooming and manners.

Glenn Beck pretends they are 'xenophobes.'

Beck has made much ado in recent days regarding a bizarre conspiracy theory that links PEGIDA to the Kremlin where a henchman in Putin's administration, Aleksandr Dugin, sets the stage and pulls the ropes behind the curtains.

In reality, PEGIDA is a movement orchestrated by three German patriots who maintain low profiles and a popular Facebook page.

The group rallied a record 25,000 Germans in Dresden last week, but cancelled the weekly demonstration scheduled for today (Jan. 19, 2015) under duress of police restraint. Authorities claim an imminent terror attack was at hand.

The key players are:

• Lutz Bachmann, 41

PEGIDA is the brainchild of Bachmann. He avoids the mainstream media out of justifiable mistrust. He defers inquiries to Kathrin Oertel.

• Kathrin Oertel, 36

Oertel is an attractive media consultant. Logically, she would field inquiries from the press. She is the mother of three who is frustrated with the inability or unwillingness of Muslims to assimilate. Oertel is reputed to be an atheist.

• René Jahn, 49

Jahn operates a building maintenance business. He was raised in communist East Germany and maintains Christian beliefs, but notes that religion is not a mainstay of the PEGIDA movement. He endured government harassment due his participation in the unsanctioned peace movement.

PEGIDA is an acronym for Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West.

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  1. Pegida goes in for the artificial distinction between muslims and "islamists" exactly as the EDL did, so I don't support them. They came out very fast at the starting line, but a growing backlash by the usual suspects (the leftists, the media, and powerful politicians from both sides of the aisle) is putting a serious crimp in their operations. I don't think they'll go anywhere.

    So the EDL is finished, Golden Dawn is down for the count, the Sweden Democrats have been marginalized by procedural tricks after a strong showing in 2014's parliamentary elections, Denmark's Folk Party is out of power (although looking great for the next election), Identitaire never really went anywhere, and I doubt Pegida will last more than six months. At this point all we have left is Marine Le Pen's Front National.

    1. None of those political parties except for the Golden dawn are proper conservative or right-wing parties. They all try and take a mild moderate position to win votes. It seems to me there needs to be a more hard-lined party that doesn't try and pander to the liberal masses. Of course, this then makes it harder to win votes. This is the conundrum that these parties face.

  2. I don't trust this PEGIDA movement. Seems like the same atheists who destroyed Christianity in Western Europe are now merely attacking another religion as part of their godless agenda.

    Of course, it's good that they want Muslims out of Europe, but i don't trust the motives behind it.

    1. At least one of them is said to be a devout Christian, so...

      Most Western atheists tend to more hostile to Muslims than to Christians simply because the formers are more fanatic and aggressive about their religion than the latters. I doubt there's some "godless agenda".


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