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December 28, 2014 -- Historian Henry Louis Gates said the "dirty little secret" in America's history is that thousands of free black Americans owned slave labor.

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In the full version you will hear Dr. Gates reveal that 12.5 million African slaves were transported to the New World (1514 to 1867) of whom only 450,000 were brought to what is now the United States.
(Forward to 37:18).

Advance to 1:27:00 (near the end) 
to hear Dr. Gates lay the blame of American slavery 
on African slave traders.
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  1. Gates commented that he was angry when he found out how much white blood he had. What a racist.

  2. America took in more than 1 million black African immigrants in just the last few years, which is more than twice the number that were brought here as slaves between 1514 and 1867.