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November 17, 2014


Eduardo Alberto Figueroa was beaten to death on his 40th birthday.

News reports say Figueroa was attempting to break up a fight that involved his daughter.

The victim was then attacked by three males who beaten him to the floor, then repeatedly kicked his head. He refused medical treatment, opting to return home where he died hours later.

The attack began when the owner of  Fred’s Tiki Hut and  Figueroa asked a patron on a cell-phone call to talk quieter.

The man left and returned with another man and woman. When the three confronted Figueroa with profanities, his daughter stepped forward and was assaulted by the woman.

Figueroa intervened to protect his daughter and was, subsequently beaten and kicked to death.

The crime occurred in Maplewood, MN near St. Paul and was reported November 13, 2014.

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  1. It should have been content to have remained south of that 'border town' Counting It's Blessings!!! DEUS DAMNO ILLUD TOTUS!!!

  2. Trial,Conviction,electric chair fry the sumbags miserble hide

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    1. Because they both were born here.

    2. Why indeed? Why do we allow such savages to live among us?