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October 22, 2014

Teachers at Medgar Evers Elementary School in Chicago are being forced to attend re-education camp.

The decision came after a fourth-grade teacher was accused of using the word "stupid" students kicked a ball under a car.

The teacher may also have used the word "ignorant."

One parent accused the teacher of being a racist. That leads us to believe the teacher is white. Cultural Marxism teachers that only white people can be racists (bourgeois) and non-whites are their victims (proletariat).

It also leads us to believe that the re-education camp -- called "sensitivity training" -- won't include sensibility training in which attendees are taught to appreciate the inventions of innovative white people and how those inventions have enhanced the lives of all humanity.

All teachers at Medgar Evers Elementary School will undergo sensitivity training next month according to Chicago Public Schools officials after a fourth-grade teacher allegedly called students in her class ignorant and stupid earlier this month during recess.


"What she said was wrong and racist," said Eugene Kimmons, whose daughter was among the students in the class. "I had my daughter transferred to another class because I don't want my daughter to be degraded anymore."

Tara Parker, whose daughter is in the class, said some parents met with the teacher and Principal Caroline Ellis shortly after the incident but left the meeting unsatisfied.

"Even after admitting it, [the teacher] didn't apologize for what she said," Parker said. "She said in the meeting that she did not mean to hurt the kids' feelings."

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  1. they put the lie in the whitehouse reap what you sowed.


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