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October 25, 2014

Were life a popularity contest, I would be in last place... or nearly so.

The reason?

There seems to be an aversion to following the beaten path worn bare by a human heard prodded by an innate fear of social rejection.

To that end most all of humanity willingly suspends reality to embrace an alternative world view that perceives an inverted truth. To do otherwise is to risk exclusion, to be ostracized; to be shunned. It's called conceding to the folly of political correctness or, more concisely, peer pressure.

One's life objective should not be to attain popularity, but to mentally and emotionally grasp reality.

That's why DailyKenn.com consistently goes where even conservatives fear to tread: Blatant reality.

In the real world -- the world captured by dash cams,  iPhones, and government statistics -- there is a persisting and unresolved problem with violence in black communities.

And so, once again, we invite our white liberal friends who segregate themselves in safe white neighborhoods to move into the projects where they can experience the joys of forced integration they claim to support.

It is here -- in the reality of the 'hood -- that white liberals can lend their emotional and financial support to needy black Americans and force their children to become burdened with white guilt as they experience white privilege at ground zero.

Below is a scene unseen in white guilt movies manufactured by Hollywood. It fails the vetting process of videos to be shown at sensitivity training classes. The fact that I'm posting this video will earn me the false label, "racist." I am not.

So be it. Here is reality for those bold enough to think for themselves...

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  1. If this was a first contact with an alien culture, I would conclude that the subjects of the video are either a degenerate form of a possibly extinct higher species, or a more primitive, aggressive species that overran a senescent civilization more advanced than themselves.

  2. thank white women and their diversity roundtabes across the usa.


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