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October 20, 2014

As a double amputee, Eugene Dennard was more than a survivor.

In spite of his severe handicaps Dennard  managed to own a profitable business near Albany, GA.

What's more, Dennard  provided jobs to individuals more privileged than himself.

That, however, didn't prevent the unspeakable.

Dennard  gave one of his workers a ride home. Rather than express gratitude for his job and the lift, the employee viciously attacked Dennard , beating him to unconsciousness and leaving him for dead.

Dennard 's limp body was dumped in a ditch in an obscure wooded area and, had it not been for hunters who happened to see him, he likely would not have survived.

The crime occurred Saturday, October 10, 2014 in Cordele, GA.

Arrested is Willie Telfair, 36. Telfair was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, robbery, theft by taking, forgery, and interference with government property.

Dennard remains in intensive care. Additional charges will be forthcoming should the victim lose his life due to the attack.

"They come out of the woods to leave to go home and saw something move in the ditch across from where they were at, they went over to investigate thinking it was an injured animal and they found Mr. Dennard in the ditch," says Rodgers.

Crisp County Law Enforcers say if Dennard doesn't survive the charges will be upgraded to felony murder.

In the meantime, those who know him, including business owners at Cordele Tire, say they will be praying for him.

"We serviced his vehicles for him and a lot of times he would bring the work vans over, and we would do whatever we need to do for those, He was a very nice man and its just really sad," says Co-Owner of Cordele Tire Jeanean Rainey.

Dennard is from Vienna and also owns a business there.

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  1. Back before the days when the courts convinced us that they were the only source of earthly justice, the community would have gotten together after dark and dragged this beast to the nearest tree for swift and fair sentence.


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