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September 17, 2014

Racial microaggressions -- a leftist neologism with the scholarly equivalence of moon-landing denial and Bigfoot droppings -- is the cause behind black people being obese.

How shall we account for fit blacks? Are black athletes evidence that white racism doesn't exist?

Let's consider the alternative: Blacks who live in homogeneous regions in Africa where starvation is the norm? What mind-bending silliness does the left concoct to lay that blame on white people?

Are the researchers so racist as to contend that black Americans are devoid of self-control? That even the slightest 'microaggression' can send hordes these pathetically feeble-minded souls into a life-long binge of carbohydrate intake?

Here's the source:

A study by Rutgers University – Newark claims that minorities are obese because racial microaggressions cause them to eat fast food and avoid exercise.

“When you are exposed to negative stereotypes, you may gravitate more toward unhealthy foods as opposed to healthy foods,” said Luis Rivera, the experimental social psychologist who conducted the study.

“You may have a less positive attitude toward watching your carbs or cutting back on fast food, and toward working out and exercising,” he explained.

Rivera said Hispanics who believed negative stereotypes about themselves were three times more likely to be overweight or obese — evidence that the obesity comes from believing the stereotypes.

He said that these stereotypes were spread not only through the mass media, but also subconsciously through seemingly harmless social interactions, including so-called microaggressions.

“There are more subtle ways in conversations and interactions with others,” he said. “Although people don’t say explicitly ‘you are A, you are B,’ there are ways in which those messages are communicated,. It could be teachers. It could be your parents. It could be your friends.”

Rivera’s study appears in this summer’s edition of the Journal of Social Issues.
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It seems all one must do to lend credibility to stupidity is frame in the context of an academic 'study.'

In reality leftism applies inversion to make their case. Realists will readily recognize that well-fed black Americans -- compared to the starving cousins in Africa -- are the beneficiaries of white innovation and abundance.

Leftism inverts that reality. What is evidentially the outcome of living in the midst of Western culture's abundance and confirmation that free-market economies can transformed would-be skin-wrapped living skeletons in the chubby blobs of humanity.

That, of course, untenable to the cultural Marxist mindset. It turns the world upside down, declares the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, and upends every aspect of life -- even over-abundance -- into a false reality.

Again, the notion that black Americans are so feeble-minded that slight hints of microaggressions cause them to lose control is apex of racism. For shame!

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