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September 30, 2014

Violent mobs of young black teens turned the The Six Flags America theme park into a mass brawl Saturday night. That is our conclusion after reviewing numerous videos and reading news reports.

See video below

The violence occurred in Prince George County, Maryland. It is the wealthiest black region in the nation; perhaps in the world.

Havilah R. Ross, marketing and communications manager for Maryland amusement park said in a statement, "Reports of a large fight or other serious injuries are completely inaccurate."

It turns out, however, that the statement was inaccurate.

In the image above a girl who appears to be white is seen lying unconscious as black teens mill around her. A witness claimed she saw the girl attacked.

A 15-year-old boy was beaten into a coma while one report claimed famed black politician and pastor, Zina Pierre, was placed into an induced coma to protect from brain injury after being attacked. A witness reported seeing a boy beaten as the mob continued to stomp him after he was unconscious.

The number of teens hospitalized is uncertain. News videos revealed only black victims.

The mother of another teen told WUSA that she heard as many as three gun shots.

Police made no arrests, possibly worried about blow back from the prevailing policy of disparate impact, a cultural Marxist doctrine that discourages disciplining black youth in fear that it will result in economic disparities later in life.

Park management downplayed the Saturday mayhem as uncommon. One news report minimized the brawl as an "altercation."

The amusement park was hosting a Halloween-themed event.

 The county is 64.5% black and about 19.2% white.

Such violence explains the logic behind Jim Crow laws.

Parents should be advised to keep their children away from crowds of black people, particularly black teens. While not all blacks are violent, the increased risk of serious injury validates the increased precaution.

From our news source we read:

Fright Fest lived up to its name not because of how scary it was inside the Six Flags amusement Park in Largo, but because of what happened out in the parking lot.

Witnesses say fights broke out Saturday night after the amusement park closed.

Three teenagers were injured and there was a traffic nightmare outside Six Flags as police were arriving and parents frantically tried to reunite with their children.

As a result the park increased security Sunday night.

Katrina Walker was at the park to pick up her son, Caleb, who had been celebrating his 15th birthday. But that celebration she said, ended in chaos: "I heard one or two gunshots, maybe three gun shots. I heard it. They came, all the police cars."

Walker says kids ran out of the park saying there was also a stabbing, but police will not confirm that report.

Police will only confirm that they were called to handle a large crowd leaving the park around 10 Saturday night.

On social media people posted videos of the scene. One shows a girl lying on the ground unconscious.

Dianne McNair who witnessed the scene said that: "the young lady who got knocked out. I saw her go down and I heard someone say she got knocked out and she was unconscious. My grandson and his two friends were in the park. And if this is going on outside what in the world is going on inside?"

Six Flags America released this statement:

The unacceptable behavior and events that occurred yesterday, acted out by some unsupervised youth, are in no way typical behavior for our park or the surrounding area. The safety of our guests is our number one priority and while this was an isolated incident, we are taking steps to make sure it cannot be repeated.
"This park has a zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior," said Rick Howarth, Park President. "We will not allow any individuals or groups to disrupt the typical atmosphere of fun and enjoyment found here."

Additional security and traffic management strategies are being employed to aid in the flow of guests both within the park, as well as on Central Avenue.

Walker doesn't blame the park, but doesn't plan on sending her son back: "it wasn't their fault, however I won't be letting my son go back there at all."

Police say no one has been arrested but they are still investigating what happened.

The amusement park's Halloween theme of Fright Fest began Saturday and continues every weekend until Nov. 2.

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  2. It's a well known fact that a group of blacks is a dangerous thing - do not take it lightly. If you see a group of 4 or more young black males, be on guard. Start expecting the worse while hoping for the best. You are now in a dangerous place, almost like standing in the middle of traffic. With some common sense, you can exit the situation safely, but one wrong move and you are in deep trouble. Society will only take so much of this violent unnacetable behavior before it strkes back in full force, which white people are on the verge of doing. More and more whites, and good blacks, are becoming aware, armed, and organized. The blacks want a race war, well they are about to get one.