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September 22, 2014

If liberals were logical, they wouldn't be liberals.

Michelle Fields ran into Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the 'People's Climate March' in NYC. The two had a testy exchange and RFK Jr. revealed his climate rage when Michelle suggested his carbon footprint made him a hypocrite. See what happens when Michelle confronts him.

Hot air emissions cause global warming.

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  1. With all of the deaths and misfortune that have ravaged the Kennedy clan over the years you would think that somewhere along the line the younger Kennedys might think….."maybe we need to step out of the public light and keep our opinions and comments to ourselves…"

    But that ain't gonna happen. This particular member of the Clan is a real dolt.

    1. Third base is 'think.'

      Some never make it that far.

      See here:

  2. Sounds like he has Parkinson's.

  3. The public might not be aware of it but this puritans lineage is full of oil and gas types. Joe owned oil companies all over texas and was a major investor in drilling and exploration. Along with bootlegging and supporting the Nazi's, of course.