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September 26, 2014

There is a record 41.3 million immigrants in the United States according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

Few are white. Most are East Asian, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern.

For the purpose of perspective: The nation's population in 1860 at the onset of the Civil War was about 31 million.

Since 1990 the immigration population has doubled while the general population grew about 20 percent.

Non-white immigrants tend to vote for Democrats and askew conservative political views.

11.6 million of the immigrant population are Mexicans, the largest group.

The number includes both legal and illegal immigrants.

It is ironic that the Western ideals and innovation that makes the United States attractive to non-Western immigrants is being eroded by their presence.

In time cultural thermodynamics will reduce America to the equivalent of Third-World status, making the term moot.

The Obama administration has sought to soften opposition to non-white immigration by placing emphasis on illegal alien children and, thereby, appealing the altruistic nature of white Americans.

The September, 2014 publication was based upon data from 2013.

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  1. Nonwhite immigration + forced assimilation= White Genocide

    Massive immigration is happening to white countries. There is no mass immigration of nonblacks into Africa, for example. The mass immigration is aimed at white countries.


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