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September 23, 2014

White victims of black homicide in the news since June 1, 2014

Donald Carter, 82...Brandy Turner Guined, 33...Sheila von Wiese-Mack, 62...James Minshall, Sr., 71...Jill Halliburton Su, 59...Stacey Moulton, 30...Terri Moulton, 54...Richard Pepper, 60...Daniel John Zeitz, 28...Kelli O’Laughlin, 14...Zachary John Richards, 27...Michael “Eli” Mohney, 17...Terry Froman, 41...Bernice Schaufele, 84... Ann Taylor, 86...George Taylor, 80...Terry Taylor...Cpl. Jimmie Norman, 53...Maggie Daniels, 31...Michael Connor Verkerke, 9...Adam Schrier, 37...Scott Simerson, 24...Dillon Taylor, 20...Katelynn Gourley, 22...Caleb Woosley, 17...Katelyn Beard, 17...Ballard Reynolds, 27...Susan Choucroun, 69...Darrel Hurst, 63...Lorene Hurst, 88...Officer Daryl Pierson...Palmira Silva, 82 (UK)...Charles Edward Lee, 23...Crystal Sue Adair, 41...*Brittney Lynn Simpson, 24...Cindy Raygoza, 45...Luis Aguiar, 91...Maria Teresa Aguiar, 59...Sarah Goode...Jake Rameau...Rachelle Louise Hayes...Jeffrey Westerfield...Perry Renn...Eric Mollet...Rupert Anderson...Jennifer “Jessica” Kingeter...Jim Brennan...Paul Shepherd...Gina Burger...Nathan Dasher...Jonathan Price...John Yingling...Allyn William Reeve...Michael Beaver...Angela M. Cook...Nathan Hall...Harry Briggs...Laura Bachman...Robert Mohler...William Porter Headlee...

Leon Jerome Hayes, 33, and Naomi Nichelle Lambert, 22, are facing charges that include first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit armed robbery in Suffolk, VA.

Dead is 82-year-old furniture store owner, Donald Carter.

52.2% of all homicides in the nation are committed by blacks, nearly all by black males ages 18 to 49.

Unfortunately, political correctness and the fear of being demonized as racists prevents many white people from acknowledging that reality.

The crime was reported September 22, 2014 and apparently was committed early that morning.

From our news source we read: 
Suffolk police have arrested two suspects in the homicide investigation of the owner of Carter’s Furniture Inc.

Leon Jerome Hayes, 33, and Naomi Nichelle Lambert, 22, were each charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, two counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and attempted armed robbery, according to police spokeswoman Diana Klink. Hayes and Lambert, appeared in court Tuesday morning and are being held without bail.

Both arrests follow an intensive investigation after 82-year-old Donald Carter was found dead near his business early Monday morning.

Police say without the public’s assistance, the suspects would not have been identified or caught. Klink said additional charges may be filed.

Photos: Police search for gunman after elderly man found dead

Klink said officers responded to a call for a shooting on East Washington Street, near Franklin Street, shortly after 1 a.m. Carter was found with a gunshot wound to his lower body and was unresponsive. He was transported to Sentara Obici Hospital where he was pronounced dead, Klink said.

Police searched a nearby trashcan and a lot next to the store for evidence.

Carter’s younger brother David, who owns Brandon House Furniture with his sister, said police called him early Monday to tell him his brother was murdered. It was like a kick in the stomach, he said.

A Facebook post from the siblings’ furniture store read:

“Today we grieve the loss of the owner of Carter’s Furniture and our uncle, Don Carter. We appreciate all prayers and condolences during this difficult time. Please continue to keep the Carter family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your support.”

David said Donald was married with three children and two grandchildren and was one of five siblings. He entered the furniture business with his father as a young man, and while the siblings had competing businesses, the competition was always friendly, he said.
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