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September 26, 2014

The year was 1969.

I was sitting on the white side of the high school cafeteria.

Our school was predominantly black, but integrated; not by court order but by geography. The residential areas east and south of the school were white and the areas west and north were black.

It was there that I occasionally engaged in debate with long-haired hippie types who embraced leftist views, primarily regarding the war on Viet Nam.

I learned that liberals were hard pressed for rational arguments. Rather, the relied on surrogate reasons that transcend logic.

What liberals did then, they do now: They use arguments that don't work.

Listed below are a few:

1. Sarcasm doesn't work

Sarcasm is a sorry surrogate for reason. In lieu of logic, liberals are left with little more that rolling eyes and forced chuckles. Communism was the prevailing joke in the late 60s. Anyone who dared note that anti-war protests on college campuses were fomented by foreign agents drew uproarious laughter. None could challenge the contention and, later, it was validated.

2. 'Read-this-book' doesn't work

Leftists love to recommend books written by other leftists. They presume that citing a book by name, author, or both constitutes a valid argument. Commonly they will ask, "Have you read the book by...?"

My open invitation is that I will gladly read any book any liberal recommends, providing they pay for the book and that it is not pornographic.

It's been decades since a leftist took me up on the offer. The last book donated to my library was titled Danger On the Right and it consisted of dirt of a number of noted conservatives. Aside from Billy James Hargis, it was fluff.

3. The repugnant facial expression doesn't work.

People like to express themselves facially. Occasionally I will encounter an individual who communicates their disagreement by engaging their facial muscles to form an ugly face. The repugnant face is similar to the angry face only a bit more squinchy. It's the same face one makes unconsciously upon discovering the orange in the fridge in covered with fur.

Ugly faces are not arguments. There merely convey the thought that the leftist can't articulate their position audibly. There is a reason.

4. Shunning doesn't work

Shunning, or more recently called jamming, is a strategy intended to socially ostracize a person with offensive views. It's akin to a quarantine.

Shunning is effective in containing the dastardly viral effects of truth-telling, but it does little to convince the person jammed to repent and return to the flock of the philosophically challenged.

This is largely due to the advent of the Internet.

Psychologists and anthropologists note that humans tend to have a capacity for about 120 to 200 close friends. In the days of farming communities shunning was an effective means of enforcing community standards. Shunning still remains a powerful persuasion tool among religious cults in that members tend to limit their social connections to fellow cult members. It also can be effective among co-workers. An employee may conform to the norm to ease stress and assure a paycheck.

The Internet, however, allows us to create friendships beyond conventional venues. What's more, Internet friends may not know each other, diminishing the viral effect.

5. Announcing the date doesn't work

How often have you heard this: "Don't you know what year it is?! It's 1969, for crying out loud!"

Somehow citing the date means something to liberals. Their conveyance is that your conservative views are out of step with the times.

The argument is invalid in that neither clock nor calendar has any effect on absolutes. One-plus-one will always equal two, regardless of the time or date.

A more recent version of date citing is the argument of 'being on the right side of history.'

This date-stating tactic arose in the aftermath of the so-called civil rights movement. Today we all 'know' that forced integration is morally astute and the Jim Crow was racist. Those who opposed the transition are said to have been on the wrong side of history.

That argument is simply silly and rational people don't change their views with their hairstyles. Reasonable people aren't interested in being philosophically fashionable; they want to be right.

Again, the Internet has an effect. As oceans of information are made available, we no longer must depend on government schools and liberal newscasts to focus our thoughts on the leftist narrative. We are able to independently investigate American history and learn the evils of white racism were greatly exaggerated. We discover the first legal slave owner in America was a black tobacco farmer and that free black households routinely owned black slave labor. We can learn the truth about black icons and martyrs such as Martin Luther King, George Stinney, and Emmett Till without the blinding bias of the leftist agenda.

6. Stating your sorrow doesn't work

Occasionally someone will express their mindset by announcing their sorrow.

Saying something like, "I feel sorry for you because you must awake every morning being a racist and I hope you burn in hell," is really not convincing.

First, I'm not a racist. I find racism to be both immoral and idiotic. Such misinterpretation speaks to one's lack of comprehension and knowledge.

Second, I don't plan to burn in hell.

7. Accusing others of ignorance doesn't work

This argument is, perhaps, the most widely used by those incapable of forming or articulating valid perspectives.

It is the most shallow of arguments. What, exactly, am I ignorant of? What is it that you know that I don't know? What am I ignoring that makes me ignorant?

8. Ad hominem attacks don't work

One person recently sent me a note wishing I rot in a rest home with abusive nurses. Others make obscene  conjectures about my parents. Such personal insults are not convincing. Never has anyone declared, "Geeze! You made an obscene comment about my mother! I must be wrong!"

9. Volume doesn't work

Liberals like to be loud. They prefer to shout down those with whom the disagree and, if their victims happen to be in an open venue, they will attempt to disrupt it.

Volume is effective to the extent that it prohibits others from hearing the truth, distracts from the truth, and makes the noisemaker feel good. It is not, however, persuasive.

10. Calling one a racist doesn't work

The race card has expired. It's overrun over its limit.

I call it 'Kenn's law' and it states that liberals will reduce every scenario and argument to an accusation of racism. Name any social ill that befalls humanity and liberals will determine the root cause is white racism.

Blacks are starving in Africa because of white racist colonialism. Blacks are overweight in America because of white racist microaggressions. Blacks are denied credit to buy homes because of red-lining racism. Blacks who don't pay their mortgages are victims of white racist predatory lending. Blacks who shoot white police officers are protecting themselves from white aggression. Blacks who are shot by white police officers are suffering from white aggression.

Liberals love to combine this strategy with sarcasm. They will joke about white robes and hoods and amuse themselves with their wit and hilarity.

Another version of the race card is the hate card.

Accusing one of being hater or consigning the moniker 'hate group' to an organization of rational thinkers is unconvincing.

Those who make the accusations nearly always do so with a tone of belligerence and hate. It is classic projection. It is ineffective.

There are, of course, other arguments that don't work and, in time, we will expand the list to accommodate them.

The conclusion is that liberals fear the prospect of engaging their brains because thinking leads one to reality and nothing is more abhorrent to the leftist mindset than realism.

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