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September 22, 2014

Ever wonder why Africans are so desperate to flee their homeland for Europe?

It's because Western culture has created a society significantly advanced compared to their own.

The price Africans are willing to pay is enormous, as many lose their lives in their quest to escape corrupt governments and acquire handouts, compliment of white taxpayers.

One gang of smugglers reportedly sank a boat filled with 500 Africans and Middle Easterners who thought they were destined for Europe. The smugglers laughed as they watched hundreds of men, women, and children fight for their lives in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea.

Such rackets involve extorting money, then disposing their human cargo at sea.

Reports claim there were ten survivors from a recent smuggling scam. Apparently most have no survivors and go unnoticed and unreported. Without survivors, no one knows how many have been killed by extortionists.

 From our news source we read:

The drowning of 500 Middle Eastern and African migrants in the Mediterranean was no accident, according to survivors of the disaster, who have told an international humanitarian agency smugglers purposely sank their vessel and then laughed as men, women and children slipped below the waves.

The International Organization for Migration, a Geneva-based international organization with 156 member countries, is probing the claims, which, if true, underscore the cruelty that often accompanies desperation of immigrants seeking a better life in Europe. Witnesses said enraged human traffickers rammed their boat into the crowded vessel carrying the migrants after the travelers refused to transfer to a boat they considered unseaworthy, survivors told IOM.

Survivors reported the smugglers were "throwing metal bars" at the migrants and "laughing" as they struggled to stay afloat in the water, IOM spokesperson Leonard Doyle told

"If survivors' reports are confirmed, this will be the worst shipwreck of migrants in years, not an accidental tragedy, but the apparent deliberate drowning of migrants by criminal gangs who extort money for their desperate journeys. Their actions are as callous as they are evil," Doyle said in a statement.

Doyle said his group has so far confirmed 10 survivors -- two currently in Italy, two in Malta and six in Crete, including a toddler, who remains hospitalized in critical condition. Witnesses told the group that about 100 children were on board when the vessel sank on its way from the port of Damietta in Egypt to Italy.

The migrant boat -- with the Arabic name "Ashor Rezeq" -- departed Egypt on Sept. 6. The travelers were forced to transfer vessels several times throughout the journey but eventually refused a smaller boat they deemed unsafe for sea, witnesses said. Their vessel was then rammed by the traffickers' boat just off the coast of Malta. The 500 on board included Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians and Sudanese.

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