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September 15, 2014

Gasp. Let me catch my breath.

Can this be true?

As the name Ray Rice becomes embedded in America's psyche, a writer for USA Today has uncovered a startling revelation: Men are accused of physical abuse more frequently than women.

I feel so victimized. Sniff.

Truth be told -- and truth-telling our specialty at -- men are more frequently accused of physical abuse than women because men actually ARE more physically abusive than women.

The USA article, however, puts a different spin on the subject.

Technically, she says nothing about abusive men. Rather, she excuses abusive women.

Imagine an article defending a physically abusive male ► in the same publication! (Another gasp.)

The writer, a self-described 20-something female, rues the fact that she is sometimes accused of being 'abrasive.'

Let's translate. She's a ...

The writer further reveals that women are more frequently accused of emotional abuse than men.

Then she stops. Abruptly.

Apparently the writer fails to comprehend this fundamental reality: Women tend to be accused of emotional abuse for the same reason men tend to be accused of physical abuse.

It is, in the end, just another stage play produced and directed by cultural Marxism in which women are cast as victims and males the villains. Sometimes the play reflects reality. Again, we invoke the name Ray Rice.

Ofttimes it is the woman who is the abuser. That is one stage play cultural Marxism will never produce because it doesn't fit its narrative nor its agenda.

My suggestion is that if you work in an environment where abuse occurs -- be it physical (male) or emotional (female) -- wear a hidden body video camera and record the abuses. Consult a lawyer. Fight back in a legal forum and make the ...s pay for their bullying.

You may read the nonsense here ►

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