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September 12, 2014

Last I check Nike, manufacturer of Air Jordans, was trading at $81.84, an increase of nearly 200 percent from its 2009 price of $27.50 per share.

I know little about the stock market, but I'm guessing that an average 40 percent per year is a tad bit better than earning simple interest in bank account.

None the less, the company could go belly-up in spite of the fact that it appears to be a stable organization with solid management.

Whazzup with that, you ask?


Nike was founded in the 1950s by two white guys and white people, as you know, are soon to go extinct.

Philip Hampson Knight co-founded the company back when white people were still the majority in America. His partner, Bill Bowerman, was Knight's track coach back in the day.

This rich white guy is getting ancient, even by my standards. Knight is 76 and Bowerman was 88 when he died in 1999.

The first pair of Nike shoes were made by Bowerman.

The company was launched as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, but later changed the name to the more marketable Nike brand.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Even the white race and Western culture is about to be history.

When we go, they go.

By that I mean, when white people and Western culture bites the proverbial dust they take along with them the innovation and technological know-how that invented the Nike brand and Air Jordans in particular.

Imagine a world without Air Jordans, my black friends; then reconsider what life will be once we are gone.

There are, incidentally, peripheral consequences to destroying Western culture that the race-baiters and white-haters won't tell you about.

Consider, for example, that the power grid that results in light bulbs illuminating will require someone with innovative intelligence to keep it running. The technical know-how that enables Escalades to sail down Sesame Street will disappear when we are gone, as will the asphalt that paves Sesame Street.

The infrastructure -- including sewage management -- will be gone because no one will know how to make it function.

Need to poop? No problem. Just clear out a spot on the ground. That what they do in Liberia.

Imagine a world where there is no cable TV, television, iPod, iPhones, satellite communications, and all the other stuff that you take for granted.

Obamacare will be there to pay your medical bills, but when you show up at the emergency room you will find it jammed full of huddled masses yearning to be served for free. Ailments from runny noses to skulls fractured by thugs with concrete blocks will go untreated because no one will have the skills to design, manufacture, distribute, and maintain the computer systems that hospitals have come to rely on.

The magnificent health-care gadgetry will be in disrepair and gathering dust, assuming it hasn't been looted. With no new innovations on the horizon there will be a boon in the witch doctor sector, no doubt.

Ultimately, it will be a sad sight for sore eyes. Literally.

So imagine the dawn of a new Dark Ages in which there are no Air Jordans to steal, no drugs to deal, and no hard currency to trade because no one knows how to operate and maintain the printing presses at the U.S. Treasury Department.

Imagine Beyonce without make-up 'cause no one knows how to make it; not that it matters. There will be no media upon which to view her unbrushed face.

Imagine Detroit without the white infrastructure or cash flow from white taxpayers.

Better yet, imagine Africa prior to David Livingston's incursion.

Cultural Marxism doesn't want us to think that way. Cultural Marxism doesn't want us to think at all.

There will be a silver lining to the dark clouds of the new dark ages: There will still be a black president. Or Hillary. We're not sure which.

So go ahead a rejoice over the demise of Western culture and the white race in particular, but plan on brewing your own malt liquor. The supply chain will be dysfunctional and the breweries defunct.

White people are inherently independent individualists who don't need a village to be raised or wipe their, uh, noses. Cultural thermodynamics is eroding out capacity for innovation that, in turn, will destroy -- not only us -- but virtually everyone.

Those who disagree are the real racists.

More silver linings: No more Michael Moore movies, no more Steinberg white-guilt productions, and Oprah will be as broke.

And the environment will be safe from global warming.

Here's the video ▼

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  1. I think there will be a race war before it is all said and done, nobody likes black people, nobody.

  2. The first thing to go is always the money i.e. the counterfit scrip, Federal Reserve Notes. Oh, don't worry, the U.S. government will still print them up by the cubic yard but people will have to weigh, not count the notes to buy things. Of course, the U.S. is an 'exceptional' nation and immune to the iron laws of mathematics, the U.S. government can print all the money it wants and not destroy their own currency through marketplace repudiation. The eternally optimistic American public believes all this crap spewed forth for the last century. It also helps that the American public has zero historical knowledge or collective memory. When the U.S. dollar goes bad it will be a shock to the historically ignorant and woefully unprepared American public followed by the shock of the breakdown of commerce and supply chains. Bad as all this will be it will be worse for the wonderful citizens of Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, Newark etc. who are comepletely dependent upon the White taxpayers for their daily bread. They never think ahead, plan for emergencies, have any savings, food or supplies of any kind set aside and have neither social nor practical skills, they have never needed them as long as White people paid for everything. When things go bad this time the White folks won't be able to bail out the third world savages, they will fix it, create it, run it themselves or go without electricity, water, sewerage etc. It couldn't happen to a more deserving group.