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September 14, 2014

The Obama administration was called on the carpet to explain itself to the United Nations last month.

At issue is the ongoing dilemma of racism in the United States as determined by the metric of international law.

A team of 30 delegates showed up and conceded that American society remained infected with the age-old disease of racism.

For those who don't comprehend doublespeak -- or whose minds are tainted by the after affects of too much Kool-aid -- the international community is reaffirming its commitment to displace Western culture. The Obamabots have rehearsed their roles to perfection, articulating foregone conclusions.

Racism is a code word for anti-Western culture and the ethnic groups that sustain it.

The problem seems to be that white Americans are a stubborn lot. Even those with brains saturated in Kool-aid can't help themselves from being innovative and inventive, a genetic function that cultural Marxism prefers to pretend is a social construct.

Were those anti-Western haters at the United Nations truly concerned with racism, they would be railing against black-on-white crime that plagues our nation's urban centers while calling for an invasion of Zimbabwe and South Africa to dispose of blatant racist regimes with overt policies of systematic destruction.

True anti-racists would, in fact, praise Western society for providing health care technology to the world community. They would erect statues to honor the likes of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Louis Pasteur, and a pantheon of thousands of creative white people whose innovations have enhanced every aspect of human life.

If they were honestly endeavoring to purge the world of hate and racism, they would first glance into their collectivist mirrors and concede that their own anti-Western and anti-White hate is the last frontier of real racism.

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