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September 23, 2014

Now that overt racism has ended, leftists are left with the challenge of keeping cultural Marxism alive.


Jim Crow is illegal. HUD has ended racial discrimination. Entrance exams have been dumbed down for both prospective students and employees. The media are fully integrated by race. Nooks and crannies have been scrubbed clean of an semblance of white culture. The Confederate flag has been demonized as has Paula Deen. Daring to utter a sound that could be interpreted as the 'n' word will get you a $11,000 fine from the NFL and NBA owners who freely express their opinions are punished by contractual nonsense.

What stone is left to be overturned?

It seems there's nothing more to gripe about.

What to do?


Make stuff up.

For cultural Marxism to survive it must proliferate the false notions of victims (proletariat), villains (bourgeois), and heros (Marxist Democratic Party).

It must perpetually infect the minds of Americans that racism is the ultimate evil, that it persists everywhere, and the only anecdote is more government control.

The fact that you can't see it is no excuse, they explain.

Cultural Marxism concocts such silliness as white privilege, racial microagressions, disparate impact, critical race theory, and transgenerational slavery trauma while churning out an endless barrage of white guilt movies and sensitivity training television serials to keep our minds so fogged that the sunlight of reality is obscured.

So far, so good; at least from the perspective of the predatory left.

In spite our white guilt and black president, racism -- as originally described by the left -- has effectively been obliterated. You would never know that from the zombie-like cultists who continue their Quixotic windmill charging.

Like fictional vampire hunters, they dangle garlic from every corner while toting sharp-ended stakes ready to gouge the hearts of 'racists,' that is, anyone who dares disagree with their views.

The problem is, of course, while these blinded and belligerent do-gooders busy themselves witch hunting, real problems go unattended.

The fact remains that genetic traits, such as intelligence, largely affect academic achievement and earning potential.

"Not so!" say the witch hunters. "The great white ghosts are nigh upon us!"

And off they go with every black child left behind to fend for him/herself in human warehouse environments masquerading as schools, absorbing billions of dollars in property taxes, and complaining that they need cookie sales to survive.

More warehouses are built to house welfare moms. Baby daddies are displaced by government that provides EBT cards and utilities.

White liberals, meanwhile, excuse themselves to dwell in dwindling whiteopian enclaves that bear no difference from that envisioned by Craig Cobb. The only difference being that the liberals pretend not to be racists and are actually whiter than Cobb.

The fact is that white racism will never be overcome for the same reason all the vampires will never be slain: Neither exists anywhere outside the human imagination.

We are, indeed, living in a state of national neurosis.

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