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September 19, 2014

Joan Rivers lived six years to long.

Ezekiel J. Emanuel says age 75 is the optimal year to kick the proverbial bucket.

I'm not surprised.

Leftism portends to believe that government knows what's best for us -- what to put in our bodies, what not to put in our bodies, and when we should relinquish our bodies.

Some say Emanuel is the architect of Obamacare, though he opposes mandate provision that forces Americans to buy healthcare policies. He prefers a portable system in which insurance would be independent of job changes.

His argument seems based exclusively on quality of life. That translates in the high cost of healthcare and meshes with the worries of Obamacare opponents who fear -- not the pulling of the plug -- but never having the plug in place to begin with.

Oddly, he opposes euthanasia contending the patients who wish to die usually make such decisions when depressed and not thinking clearly.

At age 57 the man whose mind concocted the silly notion of Obamacare has 18 years to go. We'll see if he changes his mind.

You may read his musings here ►

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  1. I read the depressing article. He may make some valid points, but Rahm's brother has a super ego. In this material world, elders are devalued. This is very insulting to people who have disabilities all their lives. I will soon be entering my late 60s and I have never been as creative as I am now. He can take his 75 and shove it up his...

  2. And who are the real Nazis? Since he helped create Obama care and perhaps is concerned with the elderly draining the system, then start with cutting off foreign seniors. Senior immigrants who have never contributed a dime to the system get free health care, free SSI checks, free food, subsidized housing. Meanwhile Americans who have worked all their lives are expected to go through all their money and volunteer to kick off by 75.