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September 27, 2014

They are here for one reason: To support leftist candidates.

To assure the loyalty of illegal aliens, Democrats are buying their votes surreptitiously by divvying out ID cards with bonus perks and comps from various 'cultural institutions,' such as free passes to the Bronx Zoo.

Tickets to the zoo for one adult is $33.95 per adult and $23.95 per child. That perk, alone, is worth $115.80 for a family of four.

The zoo is part of New York City's tax-supported park system.

Another comp is free entry to the city's American Museum of Natural History, a $69 perk.

The concept of illegal alien privilege has not been floated by the mainstream Marxist media. Nor have the media consider that the socialist leanings of the Democratic Party undermine the free markets that generate tax subsidies for government cultural institutions nor the private donations from wealthy philanthropists.

The irony is that cultural thermodynamics will erode the funds that support the institutional infrastructure.

While leftists like to present themselves as forward-thinking progressives, we have to muse that the only things they are looking forward to is retaining control of government, displacing Western culture, and eroding the quality of life enabled by the enhancements of free-market economies.

From our source we read:
The city's new ID cards will do more than just give undocumented immigrants identification — they’ll grant free memberships to top cultural institutions, from Carnegie Hall to the Bronx Zoo.

And officials hinted the cards eventually will provide discounts at movie theaters and other more commercial entertainment venues.

It’s part of a plan to make the cards — which will debut in January — appeal to a wide range of New Yorkers, not just to undocumented immigrants, Mayor de Blasio said.

Hizzoner made the issuance of ID cards a cornerstone of his mayoral campaign. The cards, he said, would help undocumented immigrants access services they could not receive without identification.

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