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September 21, 2014

Psychologists call it 'closure.'

I call it a misnomer.

There is no closure when one loses beloved son or daughter to death; particularly when their demise is abrupt, unexpected, and unwarranted.

One can imagine, then, the emotional pain that overwhelmed Jeanette Ogreen when she learned her 21-year-old son had been shot dead by a black male.

Deontay Black-Wickliffe was sentenced this week to 30 to 65 years in prison for the brutal murder of Gary Ogreen.

News reports suggest that Black-Wickliffe and his black posse crashed a party at the young Ogreen's home and, when asked to leave, responded with gunfire.

Granted, the media will weep along with the mother of Trayvon Martin who was killed in self-defense by George Zimmerman, but it pays no mind to the hundreds of white mothers who have lost children due to black violence. Such attention simply doesn't fit the cultural Marxism agenda.

If we were to believe the media, we would assume that only blacks are victims of white violence, that out nation's history is one of white intolerance, and the people like me who dare to differ by presenting reality untainted by political correctness, are 'racists.'

From our news source we read:

A judge has sentenced a 22-year-old western Michigan man to 30 to 65 years in prison for fatally shooting a 21-year-old man and wounding of three others outside a house party in Muskegon County.

Deontay Black-Wickliffe pleaded no-contest in July to second-degree murder, attempted murder and having a firearm in a felony.

Muskegon County Circuit Judge Timothy G. Hicks sentenced Black-Wickliffe on Thursday after rejecting his request to withdraw the plea.

Authorities say Gary Ogreen was killed following a fight with uninvited guests about 3:30 a.m. on Dec. 21, 2013, at his home in Fruitland Township, northwest of Muskegon.

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