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September 18, 2014

While Eric Holder and his army of FBI agents busy themselves investigating a police shooting in Ferguson, MO, they may also want to take the time to investigate threats of insurrection made by members of a black mob that effectively took over a recent county council meeting in St. Louis.

Fat chance.

In the end -- whatever happens -- the blame will be laid at the feet of white people; otherwise known as the bourgeois that is oppressing non-whites (proletariat).

The disruptive mob chanted, “Arrest Darren Wilson.”

Wilson, you'll recall, is the white police officer who had the audacity to defend himself when attacked by a black thug last month.

It's a reenactment of the mob violence that led to the near-razing of Greenwood, Oklahoma during the notorious Tulsa riots of 1921. On that occasion a mob of armed thugs descended on the courthouse, angry that another black thug had been arrested for molesting a white girl.

The white community suffering from what some term 'negro fatigue' -- a term applied to those weary of black crime and violence -- boiled over, bypassed the rule of law, and stormed the black neighborhood.

You saw the movie Groundhog Day? This is it, only in real life:

a) Excessive violent behavior on the part of one or  more blacks demands a response from responsible people.

b) That, in turn, enrages blacks who misinterpret the response of white racism.

c) Blacks express their displeasure with mob activity.

This Groundhog Day phenomenon was witnessed in Tulsa in 1921, in Watts, California in 1965, in Los Angeles in 1992, in Jena, Louisiana in 2006, in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, and scores of other incidents.

The most notable difference is that whites have been psychologically subdued by cultural Marxism and no longer react in a violent rage as they did in Tulsa.

From our news source we read:
Several speakers during Tuesday’s St. Louis County Council meeting lashed out at their elected leaders.  The frustrations stem from the shooting death of Michael Brown and the investigation that’s followed.

“Arrest Darren Wilson,” was a chant repeated several times during the meeting.  Council member Steve Stenger started to make an opening statement but was interrupted by shouts and chants.

The head of the council, Hazel Erby, told the crowd, “I agree with you.”  She then asked them to remain quiet so speakers could be heard.

Several speakers asked the council to force St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch to step down from the Michael Brown case.   They told Stenger to speak out by Noon tomorrow in support of their mistrust of McCulloch.

Several speakers promised the protests would continue until action was taken against Wilson for shooting Brown.

“How many people have to say his hands were up in the air,” shouted one speaker.

One speaker spoke in support of her leaders.  She said she trusted police to conduct a fair investigation.

Several speakers said demonstrations will continue.

The action continued outside the Council Chambers long after the meeting.

There had been an overflow crowd throughout the event.

The chambers hold 275 people.

At one point, there were up to 50 outside waiting to get in.  The crowd left the chambers walking right up to the County Council desk chanting.

The crowd then left the chambers and stopped in foyer outside for 4 and a half minutes of silence.

Mike Brown’s father was among those bowing his head in silence.

The 4 and a half minutes signified the 4 and a half hours his son’s body was lying in the street after Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson, shot and killed him, August 9th.

After the silence, the crowd circled the foyer chanting.  Brown’s father walked with them in silence.

From there the crowd hit the streets, closing down the intersection of Carondolet and Central.  The marched down Central for about a block then turned down Forsyth.

There were no arrests.

Ferguson resident, Bob Hudgins, was removed from the meeting for using profanity.

He admitted doing so but felt singled out.  He said he hardly crossed the line given the tenor of the meeting.

“[Mike Brown] was executed wasn’t he?  He was walking in the street and somehow this officer couldn’t finish with him until this kid had 6 bullets in him.  He needs to be arrested.  That’s one reason there’s such unrest,” he said.

One of those waiting longest in the foyer to get into the meeting was Ferguson Township Democratic Committeewoman Patricia Bynes.

“No, I don’t mind because there are people in there that need to be in there…and need to get their one on one time, their face time that they need with their elected officials at the county level,” she said.  “It’s beautiful.  I want to see this every Tuesday.  As elected officials we need to be held accountable to what we say and what we do.”

Brown’s father remained silent throughout the meeting and the marching that followed. He declined an interview request from FOX 2.

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  1. Look at those dates...1921, 1965, 1992.
    They are coming closer together.
    They don't ever really end.
    Americans aren't meant to live among Africans.
    The Founders knew it, Abe Lincoln knew it, and any person of any color with a lick of sense knows it.
    We need to separate or all will perish.
    Our enemies/overlords insist on forcing us together and against human nature and it's a failed experiment of wishful thinking