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September 20, 2014

Antioch, California is one of those 'bedroom' communities in which black residents are displacing whites.

The 2000 census reported the city was 65.33% white and 9.75% black.

By 2010 the census reported the white population declined to 48.9% as the black population nearly doubled to 17.3%.

Simple math projects the current demographics to be about 40 percent white and about 20 percent black.

It's classic demographic dance. As blacks  move in, whites move out.

Antioch provides an anthropological study in black violence, cultural displacement, and white denial.

As a classic example of cultural denial, we can watch this once-prosperous city being Detroitized as village-raised thugs terrorize local businesses and their patrons.

When profits dwindle, businesses close.

We project that, within a few years, Antioch will resemble the remnants of a war-ravaged community.

• Black plague

Ironically, it's not the first time the city was destroyed. In 1851, the year after the gold-rush town was established, the population was decimated by a plague.

Today's plague is the 'teen' violence that is over-taxing law enforcement. The school system that warehouses the teens during most of the day. After schools hours appear to be a daily public brawl that last for hours. That's why businesses are forced to lock-down their establishments during mid-day peak hours.

The school system promises to discuss the matter, but offers no solutions.

This is the reality that the main-stream Marxist media chooses to ignore.

From a local news source we read: 

A Taco Bell restaurant in Antioch has started closing its dining room in the afternoons after managers say it has become a magnet for high school students after class, and fights have been breaking out.

“At school you get suspended or something for that, and if you’re not at school you go to the plaza and fight and get away with it,” one student said.
Employees at the restaurant say the problem has gotten worse since school started.

Antioch police say they’re working with businesses in the area, and patrol the area when they can. But, the hundreds of students around the businesses make it challenging for officers.

In a written statement, a Taco Bell representative said Thursday, “The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. Temporarily, our franchisee is limiting service to the drive-thru only during the hours of 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. and he is proactively working with the local police to develop additional ways to assure the safety of the community.”

The school district plans to discuss the issue at a future meeting.
Source ►

• A conversation about black violence

America needs to engage in an honest discussion about race and the persisting problem of black criminal violence.

That discussion will likely never happen. Cultural Marxism demands that a false narrative of white privilege and black victimization remain the accepted reality.

Those of us who dare to tell the truth as castigated with animus for daring to tell the truth and truth is that violent black behavior is one of the most destructive elements of American culture.

• Freedom of association

At risk is more than mere reputation.

White liberals vociferously condemn racial segregation even as they pack their U-Hauls and head for whiter pastures.

Eric Holder, however, has voiced his commitment to micro-manage racial integration ostensibly to allow blacks access to civic services available in white communities but often missing in black communities.

In other words, the Marxists in Washington intend to eliminate whiter pastures. With nowhere to flee white liberals will be forced to retain their place of residence, endure the hardships of black crime and violence, and supply the criminal class with access to equal public services.

This cultural Marxist social-justice play is nothing more than a government imposition designed to eliminate freedom of association and further dismantle our culture. It's a misguided notion that white America comprises the villainous bourgeois class that oppresses the non-white proletariat.

As demonstrated in Antioch, however, blacks could have access to civic services if they could control their anti-social behavior.

It's never been a problem of white privilege. It's always been a matter of black crime and violence.

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  1. Very well written article. Thanks to this administration, particularly the evil Holder things have gotten so much worse. How liberals can be in such Stockholm Syndrome denial is beyond comprehension.

  2. Blacks have always been a huge problem for civil societies and I cannot name a single community or city in the entire world with a predominantly black population that enjoys progress, prosperity, safety or success in any category. They muck up everything they encounter.

    The majority of today's blacks are more wild and criminal than any of their ancestors who were rounded up and sold into slavery by their brethren in Africa and no amount of support through legislation, special programs or entitlements has assisted them in assimilation into any civil society.

    I predict that as the Latino population grows in the U.S. that it will develop, assimilate and prosper and that the ubiquitous black will remain in the sludge of society as violent and criminal needy "victims", a constant problem whose misery is always someone else's fault.

  3. How long must we endure the robberies on BART, the theft of cell phones and laptops a black teenage gangs swarm StarBucks before the limousine liberals get it.
    The won't get it because they live in the gated white communities where there are no black teenagers.