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September 21, 2014

Most call such assertions hypotheticals. I prefer the term counter factuals.

In the end they are unprovable but still have value.

A college professor is proposing the hypothetical: What if the wife of Ray Rice had been white?

Kali Gross, Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the African and African Diaspora Studies Department, says the NFL would have acted faster.

She may be correct. Then, again, it could be the NFL would have acted slower. Either way, the assistant professor's assertion confirms Kenn's Law #1 which states, "Every discussion with a liberal ends with an accusation of white racism."

Rice, we know, is black. His wife is also black.

Nonetheless the left has managed to find way to apply Kenn's Law #1.

There are, of course, other counter factuals to consider.

What if...

... Trayvon Martin had been white?
We would never have heard of his demise.

... the cop who shot Michael Brown had been black?
Again, we would expect media silence.

... the races were reversed in Memphis when the black mob that attacked a white teen at Krogers?
The media would be lecturing us for decades, and a monument would be built on the site.

... Jill Halliburton Su, the white socialite murdered in Davies, Florida had been black and her killer white?
Media outcry would be endless. Add another monument.

... 72-year-old James Minshall, Sr. had been black instead of white and his killer white?
More monuments; more media outcry.

Come to think of it, any one of the scores of black-on-white murders recorded by since January 1 would have spurred a churning of media hype that would have no end.

So, yes, the associate professor's hypothetical may have merit. But those of us who make predictions based on past evidence assume she is wrong.

Read her article here ►

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  1. Let them kill themselves

  2. The contrafactual contains a contradiction: If the wife were a White woman, she never would never have disrespected Ray Rice. So Ray Rice would not have publicly battered her.

  3. The media knows that by only showing injustices to blacks and never injustices against whites sympathetic voters will have a false sense of the "norm" and support laws that give superior advantage to minorities. While you and I know that is racism, the far left consider it just and needed to "correct" some invisible wrong from the past.