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September 15, 2014

A would be bandit was seeking cold cash but got hot lead instead.

News reports say that the Friday night incident could have ended with a mere wound, but the thug chose to return fire after taking a hit in the leg.

Usman Seth, 20, was working at the store with his father and sister.

When his dad hesitated to stop the bandit, Seth snatched the Smith & Wesson from his father's hands and plugged the bad guy in the leg. The robber returned fire while hobbling around the store forcing Seth no choice but to protect himself, his sister, and his father.

The crime occurred in Houston, Texas Friday evening, September 12, 2014.

Seth's ethnicity is not known, but is presumed to be Pakistani.

Seth said the store has been a constant target for thieves since it opened about three years ago.

Such crime rarely -- if ever -- occurs on the Falkland Islands, Iceland, or the Isle of Man, but seems to be increasing in the United States.

From our news source we read: 
A young man whose family convenience store had been a target for criminals since it opened gunned down a robber this weekend when the man threatened his sister.

Usman Seth, 20, of Houston, said the night had been uneventful before the gunman burst in around 10pm Friday.
The robber had a shotgun, and threatened Seth's sister at the cash register.

'I wanted to make the threat go away,' Seth told the Houston Chronicle.
He says his father handed him a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun and he opened fire.

'My family - their lives - were in my hands,' he said. 'I had to protect them.'
He managed to hit the robber in the man's leg, but the masked man returned fire.
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