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September 16, 2014

Does you daughter or granddaughter have blonde highlights?

If so, her hairstyle may cause severe health problems.

Specifically, a loss of hearing.

Empirical evidence is provided in the short video below.

As you watch the video, image the girl with blonde highlights is your daughter or granddaughter.

This video, submitted by a reader, records a young teenage girl -- maybe 14 or 15 years old -- being beaten by a mob of Hispanics because she has blonde highlights.

How do you feel about your daughter or granddaughter being beaten by a mob of racist thugs?

As a result of the attack, I'm told, the little girl may lose hearing in one ear.

I realize you are anti-racist because you are against white people beating up other white people who have frizzy perms. It makes them look too black.

I am also anti-racist.

But I take it one step further than  most white people.

I believe that ALL racism is wrong. Furthermore, I believe that all people have a right and responsibility to defend themselves -- and their daughters and granddaughters -- against violent racist attacks.

Watch the video again. And, again, imagine that is your daughter or granddaughter.

I have friends and neighbors with daughters and granddaughters with blonde highlights. Some even have natural blonde hair!

I do not want to see them attacked by racist mobs.

What can we do to abate the hate?
Yes, I know. White people have a long history of racism.

Unfortunately, that racism occurred long before the proliferation of video devices and the advent of the Internet. The individuals involved are dead and gone, so we have no witnesses. Newspaper accounts were written when all white people were racists making their accounts unreliable. Consequently, we must believe cultural Marxism that assures us our great-grandparents were racists.

Today we still see white racism in the cinema and on television where white people recite lines from scripts and their non-white victims act on a sound stage. If they fail to adequately portray violent white racism, the director yells, "Cut!" and they do it again until they get it right.

For those of us who live in the real world -- far removed from historical revisionism and Hollywood productions -- we depend on video devices such as iPods and the Internet where the live action is published. To date I've never seen a video of a white mob attack a little girl because she had a frizzy perm or her sun tan was too dark. If you stumble upon such a video, please send it to me so I can post it here.

Meanwhile, remember this: deprograms minds infected with cultural Marxism by revealing reality.

When those infected with the cultural Marxism virus compare reality with the false memories and false positives implanted in their minds, their brains are forced to dispel the false realities. Some will persist in a state of denial. All will eventually be cured. Particularly those who witness their daughter or granddaughter being beaten by a mob of racist thugs for having blonde hair.

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