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September 21, 2014

Race had nothing to do with it.

That is bound to be the conclusion of authorities and duly distributed by the media.

Nonetheless, a 'person of interest' seen chatting with missing U-Va. student Hannah Graham has been profiled.

The person is described as black, 32 years old, 6-foot-2, 270 pounds and having dreadlocks.

Reports claim the unnamed black male stalked Graham in much the same manner we are led to believe George Zimmerman supposedly stalked Trayvon Martin.

"Police said surveillance videos show the man noticing Graham, circling around behind her and following her through a downtown pedestrian mall about 1 a.m. He then is seen in surveillance video with his arm around her, and police said the two walked to a bar around the corner."

We further predict that media talking heads will interject the hypothesis that, had Graham been black, there would be little or no interest in her disappearance.

From our news source we read:
Police said that the man purchased alcohol there and that it is the last place anyone can say they saw Graham, an 18-year-old sophomore from Fairfax County. Longo said police know that the man drove away from the area in a burnt-orange 1998 Chrysler coupe.

But Longo also said that although police have identified that man, know his name and have searched his car and apartment, they do not have grounds to arrest him. Police would not discuss their interactions with him.

“People saw Hannah, and people saw him and people saw them together,” Longo said at a 5 p.m. news conference Friday. “It is possible Hannah Graham may have gotten into his vehicle, a vehicle we seized. . . . We have every reason to believe she was in that car.”

And, yes, I am aware that 'coed' is an archaic term that smacks of sexism. But appeasing militant feminist hate groups contradicts our agenda to simply tell the truth without tainting reality with political correct obeisance. Besides, 'coed' fits better in the headline than 'student.'

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