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September 14, 2014

News reports claim that an English Defense League (EDL) protest in Rotherdam attracted about 1,000 participants Saturday.

The EDL was demonstrating its outrage over a scandal in the British city in which about 1,400 children -- mostly girls -- were subjected to sexual exploitation.

Reports claim the demonstrators met opposition from both far right and far left counter demonstrators.

One news report claimed seven were arrested. An earlier reported claimed 12 were arrested.

The ongoing sexual exploitation of British girls last for sixteen years. Little was done about the crimes due to the fact that the offenders were mostly Pakistani and Briton fear being prosecuted for racism if they intervene in crimes committed by non-British immigrants.

So-called 'far-right' groups included National Front  and Combat 18. Reports claim that 15 minutes of mayhem ensued after demonstrators threw barricades at police.

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Images are from EDL Facebook page

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