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September 26, 2014

What kind of stupid is this?

An angry mob of blacks descended on the Ferguson, Missouri police headquarters last night. The police chief demonstrated his empathy for the crowd by wading into their midst and joining the protest.

Who trained this guy?

Before the top cop could utter the words, "Yo, Bro! Whazzup?" members of the crowd encircled  him as some expressed their displeasure in terms and decibels beyond human recognition.

Upon recognizing the chubby white man in their midst was not one of them, a segment of the crowd bum rushed towards the chief but, coincidentally and simultaneously, tripped. At the least that's the media version.

Four people were arrested for tripping.

The chief was whisked away from the crowd as the identity of the plainclothes officers became apparent.

The question, 'Who trained this guy?' may not be fair. After all, there is no school or police academy that instructs gullible white people the dynamics of black social structure, black mob psychology, and black mob behavior. One learns such things from experience. The white teen beaten by a black mob in a Memphis Kroger's parking lot early this month is an example of such a learning experience.

The inability or unwillingness of otherwise rational white people to recognize the social dynamics of American blacks is appalling.

Earlier the chief had publicly apologized to the Brown family for the death of their beloved Michael. Michael, you'll recall, is the black thug captured on video robbing a store and assaulting a clerk before bum rushing a cop who was compelled to defend himself with force leading to Michael's death and the ensuing mayhem in Ferguson.

The top cop failed to understand that the cries for justice among black communities is a pretense. They don't want justice. They want to be victims.

Consequently, efforts to resolve the injustices are futile. Likewise, efforts to purge oneself of white guilt is also futile. If the police chief is guilty of anything, it is gullibility.

We've  learned from black-and-white news reels from the 1960s. We learned that the most efficient means to purge oneself of white guilt while simultaneously portraying oneself as an empathetic non-racist is to march, arm-in-arm, with black protesters.

What we didn't learn is that such events were largely staged and, once the cameras were turned off, the white participants hypocritically high-tailed themselves back to their white neighborhoods.

Sadly, white Americans have long since lost their moral compass and sacrificed their rationality in an effort to purge themselves of white guilt. It's akin to doing a rain dance to remedy a season of drought. There actually is no correlation between dancing under the stars to scare away the drought demons.

Likewise, no amount of marching in the midst of black mobs will purge one of white guilt nor satiate the perennial lust among black communities to play to role of victims.

There are no drought demons and their is no racial injustice.

Again, there seems to be a misunderstanding about being understood: With few exceptions, black Americans aren't interested in being understood. They want to be victims.

Go ahead and dance to the beat of the white privilege drums, but nary a rain drop will tumble from the sky. Nothing will be solved. Black victimization isn't cured by rain dances. Rather, it exists to make silly white people -- like Chief of Police Tom Jackson -- dance.

White Americans must get over their denial and accept the coarse reality that black communities digress to Soweto status for a reason; and the reason isn't white privilege. There is a reason why even the most liberal of white Americans insulate themselves in white enclaves; and it isn't to contemplate critical race theory. There is a reason why shopping malls in black communities fail, and it isn't because of racial micoaggressions. There is a reason why an area's crime rate can be predicted by its demographic composition and vice versa; and it isn't disparate impact.

From our source we read:
Ferguson Chief of Police Tom Jackson marched with about 60 protesters as they chanted outside the Ferguson police station Thursday night.

Several feet away from the chief there was a lot of movement that sparked some action by police. At this point, it is believed that a few people simply tripped and fell while marching, but police officers rushed in to protect the chief. No one was reportedly injured, but at least 4 people taken into custody.

The chief was quickly escorted back into the police station by his officers.

A video of Chief Jackson apologizing for some of the things that have happened in Ferguson was released on Thursday.

The unrest stems from the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. He was shot to death by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

It has sparked weeks of protests and some violence.

A grand jury is now considering charges against officer Wilson.
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The outcome is predictable.

Wilson will be tossed under the buss and found guilty of whatever charges are drummed up against him. White cops will segregate themselves by seeking employment in white areas or different fields altogether. That, in turn, will lead increased corruption and lawless in black neighborhoods which is the primary driver for disparate impact.

The cycle will continue as tax revenues will diminish, public and private resources will dwindle, blacks will seek refuge by moving to white neighborhoods where the process will begin anew.

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