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September 12, 2014

Whazzup with this?

We conclude our first month on YouTube with 299 subscribers. Two more will push us over the psychological hump.

Granted, that's a tad small for those who make millions on YouTube, but its a noble start after four short weeks.

YouTube works like this: The more subscribers, the more viewers ... and the more viewers the more subscribers.

You may view our YouTube channel here ► and subscribe.

My mission in life, as you know, is to tell the world what the mainstream Marxist media wants to hide.

Suffice it to say, the bad guys don't like me doing that.

Trolls and moles are always lurking in cyberspace anxious to do whatever damage they can. It's akin to a video game. I run up points as new friends come on board, but must maneuver through a minefield that could blow the whole thing to pieces at any moment.

For that reason you will want to join my activists' e-mail list here ►. Should I get zapped from a social website, we will reappear and you will be the first to know.

Both our blog and web site continue an upward trajectory.

A new development: The American Freedom Party added me to their esteemed roster of directors. I'm genuinely honored. I bring to the table a moderate perspective and libertarian outlook with paleo-conservative leanings.

Can we work together? I believe we can. Time will tell.

You may see the announcement here ► and, as a bonus, you can watch me debate two Indiana governors -- one Republican and one Democrat -- on C-SPAN.

Again, my mission in life is to deprogram members of the cultural Marxism cult. I do this by exposing their minds to reality and, in so doing, drive out the demons of deception. This endeavor results in name-calling, spewing hatred, scowls, spinning heads, and other phenomenon you saw in The Exorcist.

So be it. Western culture is at stake.

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