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September 28, 2014

Why was Jo banned from the property?

The news story didn't say.

Apparently it was serious enough to merit a call to police.

Cops were called and Jo ran from the apartment complex finding refuge in a nearby porta-potty. Arial photography suggests police helicopters may have assisted in the search.

He was cornered. Police tipped the toilet to force Jo's exit.

Now Jo Hampton is complaining of excessive force.

Granted, there are some laws that are insanely stupid, but criminal tresspass is not one of them.

Also granted is that police sometimes use excessive force, but tipping a porta potty doesn't seem to fit that category.

From our news source we read:

The man who was in a portable toilet that police officers tipped over before taking him into custody says the arrest did not require the toilet tipping.

Jo Hampton was booked into jail for criminal trespassing and evading arrest. He admits to running from police, but contends that being tipped over in a portable toilet wasn't necessary.

"I could hear them when they pulled up, so I knew that they were behind the porta potty," Jo Hampton said. "I heard them say on three. Three. And it went over."

In addition to the tipping, Jo was kicked in the rear before he was handcuffed.

"Luckily didn't any of the blue water or septic water get on me," Hampton said.

Hampton says he was visiting an elderly friend in an apartment complex, but police say he had been banned from the property. When officers tried to stop him, he ran.

"Yes sir, I regret running because I tired myself out. I smoke cigarettes, but besides that, I made them work for it," Hampton said.

Hampton says he didn't have a gun or any warrants and he just stopped in the toilet to catch his breath. He also says he stopped in there to call his girlfriend to prepare her for his going to jail.

Memphis police identify the four officers as Roosevelt Shaw, Jr., Timothy Taylor, Taylor Ackerman and Manuel Saldana. Saldana spent time on administrative leave in 2013 after shooting and killing a man on I-40.

Hampton says he believes all four officers should be formally reprimanded by the police department.

"Excessive force was used, very much so," Hampton said. "I believe they tried to humiliate me, because they knew that water and feces and pee was in there. I believe they did that on purpose."

Hampton says that his back has been hurting since the toilet incident.

MPD says the officers remain on leave during its administrative investigation.
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  1. Well, he is a criminal and he is complaining about being arrested in a toilet? I am tired of this sh**! (joke.)


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