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September 23, 2014

Authorities say they know who gunned down 61-year-old Scott Maxie.

Maxie was the owner of a gun store near North Vernon, Indiana.

Arrested are three Indianapolis black males, Dejaun Worthen, 23; Darion Harris, 20; and Darryl Worthen, 24. The three were arrested on preliminary charges of murder and robbery.

Worthen visited the rural store on Friday as a FedEx contract delivery man. He returned Saturday with two accomplices who were seen by other customers.

He returned again Sunday afternoon and, according to authorities, shot Maxie in the face. The victim was armed, but his gun was holstered.

Maxie's body was found Sunday evening by his wife who was concerned after her husband failed to return phone calls.

The three black males were found with 45 guns taken from Maxie's gun store.

Jennings County is a rural area with fewer than 28,000 residents. It is nearly 100 percent white.

From our news source we read:
Three Indianapolis men accused of fatally shooting a Jennings County gun shop owner and stealing dozens of weapons from his store have been arrested.

Dejaun Worthen, 23; Darion Harris, 20; and Darryl Worthen, 24, were taken into custody Monday night at an Indianapolis home. Maj. Jerry Shepherd of the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office said all three men are being held without bond in the Jennings County Jail on charges of murder and robbery.

The suspects were arrested in connection to the slaying of 61-year-old Scott Maxie, Shepherd said. Maxie was found shot in the head Sunday night at his gun shop near the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge.

Shepherd said the three men were arrested as the Indiana State Police Emergency Response team served a search warrant. During the search, police recovered four of the 47 guns believed stolen from Maxie’s shop.

The Jennings County shooting happened just a day after a trailer loaded full of powerful weapons went missing on the Far Westside of Indianapolis.
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