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September 5, 2014

Officer Daryl Pierson was shot dead Wednesday by a black male.

Arrested is Thomas Johnson III, 38. Johnson was recently released from prison, having served time for second-degree  murder.

The crime was committed in Rochester, New York, September 3, 2014.

Pierson was a 1999 graduate of East Rochester High School. He was a husband and father of two children.

 From our news source we read:

Daryl Pierson never fired a shot.

He'd chased Thomas Johnson III for more than a block. This wasn't new for the Rochester police officer. He'd chased drug dealers, parole violators and suspected killers before — and caught all of them.

But this time, police allege, Johnson turned on Pierson and fired off a single shot from a .25-caliber Raven handgun, a palm-sized pistol with a defaced serial number.

The shot struck Pierson — where, police did not say — and proved fatal for the 32-year-old officer. Johnson now faces aggravated murder and other criminal charges that could, according to District Attorney Sandra Doorley, lead to a sentence of life in prison without parole.

Several officers carried the gravely injured Pierson to a car Wednesday evening "and got him to Rochester General (Hospital)," Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli said. Doctors worked with "absolute fury" and "tried to pull off a miracle which was not to be."

At 10:45 p.m. Wednesday, Pierson — a broad-shouldered married father of two who'd served in Afghanistan — was pronounced dead at Rochester General Hospital.

Each homicide ignites a chain of events: a police investigation, a prosecution when a suspect is found, mourning by those who loved the victim.

But the fatal shooting of a police officer — a tragedy that has not happened in Rochester since 1959 — is different. A police force is shaken but driven. A community is stunned while supportive of those who serve. And the media eye is far greater, far more intense, than that which accompanies other killings.

Yet the central questions are the same as with any investigation: How did the accused and the slain end up where they did?

Johnson, for his part, was only weeks removed from prison. He'd served nearly three years for an attempted robbery. He'd pleaded guilty to that crime after being charged initially with robbery.

Johnson, whose mixed-message stomach tattoos ranged from a cross with a rose to the words "thug life," completed the sentence for robbery in 2013, but then violated parole by missing meetings with his officer. He was imprisoned again for a year on his parole violation.

After his release in August, Johnson, now 38, missed an Aug. 19 meeting with his officer, and could not be found. Parole officials issued a warrant for his arrest on Aug. 27. 
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We can assure you the mainstream Marxist media will not give this incident coverage equal to that of the Michael Brown episode in Ferguson, Missouri.

We can also assure you that neither cops nor white people will riot.

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  1. Looks like officer Pierson he caught a bullet this time;-)


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