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September 23, 2014

Here's a plot for a Spielberg movie or maybe a story line for a detective television serial.

A handsome, blonde high school honor student has a dark side that emerges when he slams his teacher's head to the floor. He then chokes her until she's rendered unconscious. After raping the helpless woman, he literally adds insult to the brutal injuries by leaving his used condom in her purse.

The story is, of course, not real.

In the real story the attacker was black, wasn't handsome, and wasn't an honor student.

The rest of the story was reported in the local and foreign media, but someone missed the front pages of the American media.

Welcome to South Dade Senior High School.

Nash, who is the father of a child, has a pastor of similar offences. His father is a registered sex offender. His grandmother says his father may be to blame.

Welcome to integrated schools. This is why white liberals prefer to live in white neighborhoods and send their children to white schools, even as they accuse truth-tellers of racism.

If you know of a incident in which an 18-year-old white father slams a teacher to floor and rapes her, please let us know so we can be fair and balanced in our reporting.

As a reasonable measure to deprogram teachers whose brains have been infected with the White privilege virus, I've recommended that student teachers be required to teach if black high schools for no less than two years as a prerequisite to obtaining their teaching certificates. These teachers will be required to remain at their posts until they make a discernible impact on the criminal behavior and academic achievements of their black students.

The outcome will not only rid our government schools of teachers infected with the deadly white privilege virus, it will rid us of government schools.

From our news source we read:

The 6-foot-1, 200lb teen then choked the teacher until she passed out. While she was unconscious, he raped her and left the used condom in her purse, police say.

The teen then threw his victim's cell phone in the garbage and stole her car keys. When the teacher came to, Nash was gone.

Police found him five hours later driving the teacher's car nearby.

Officers say Nash confessed to the crimes.

The teachers union confirmed that Nash had attacked at teacher and said in a statement: 'We are shocked and dismayed by the event reported at South Dade Senior High.

'Our schools should be a place of safety and serenity, not only for students, but the adults who work there as well.'

Nash's father, Victor Marshall Nash Sr., is a convicted sex offender who has also been arrested in the past on child abuse charges.

He told WVSN-TV that he was 'shocked' to hear his son had been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a teacher.

'When me and his mother were together, we tried to raise him, I guess you can say, as both loving parents,' the elder Mr Nash said.

He said he doesn't think his son knows about his father's arrest.

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