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September 25, 2014

An 80-year-old white woman was beaten, bound, and robbed earlier this month.

A security video revealed the attacker was a black male.

The unarmed Carol Sleeth was attacked at Elonka’s Fashions in Winter Haven, Florida where she worked as a clerk.

Reports say the woman was attacked from behind, dragged behind the store where she was bound, beaten, and robbed.

Authorities say Perry L. Chance, a 57-year-old career criminal, is responsible for the crime. He was arrested after stealing the unarmed Sleath's 2009 Chevy and fleeing the scene.

From our news source we read:
Perry L. Chance, the suspect identified in the brutal attack of an 80 year-old clerk at Elonka’s Fashions in Winter Haven, has been captured in Columbia County. He is currently at the Columbia County Jail and will be brought back to Polk County to face a judge in the next couple of days.

The events leading up to his capture are as follows:

On 9-19-14 in the early afternoon, Winter Haven Police received a tip stating that Chance was seen near the intersection of 66th St. N and 54th Ave. N in St Petersburg. Winter Haven Police along with members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) began concentrating on the area.

This morning (9-20-14) another tip was received that he was at the Crystal Inn near the same intersection in St Petersburg.  Authorities showed Chance’s photo to the motel management who confirmed that Chance was checked into the motel last night. Entry was made into the room, but Chance had already left.

A receipt from a nearby McDonalds was located along with alcohol inside of the room. Authorities went that specific McDonalds and after reviewing drive-thru video, confirmed that Chance was in the victim’s 2009 Chevy Impala in the drive thru last night. A close look at the car revealed Chance had placed a Sunoco sticker on the bumper in an obvious attempt to alter the original vehicle description and also placed a stolen tag on the vehicle. The stolen tag is from a vehicle out of St. Petersburg.

Based on this updated information, the Florida Highway Patrol was alerted and a BOLO (Be On The Lookout) for the vehicle and stolen tag was issued. FHP spotted Chance in the vehicle traveling just north of Gainesville on I-75 and began following him. Chance got off the interstate and pulled into a truck stop near Lake City in Columbia County where FHP immediately took him into custody.
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If you are aware of  a case in the past 100 years that involved a white career criminal attacking an 80-year-old black woman, please let us know. We would like to post the story.

Were that to occur -- to our knowledge it never has -- we would expect the media to engage in endless hand wringing over repulsive racism that permeates our culture.

Because the crime was black-on-white, however, it is dismissed by the national media.

Some may even claim that white privilege, racial microaggressions, or some other discredited cause is to blame for such violent attacks.

Our summation is that it is the typical of crimes that lend credibility to Jim Crow laws that were intended to protect white people -- like Carol Sleeth -- from violent black criminals like Emmett Till. And  Perry L. Chance.

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