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September 27, 2014

31 police officers were shot dead in the United States this year, excluding Puerto Rico.

Seven of those were white officers allegedly killed by black assailants.

They are:

Police Officer Daryl Pierson, Rochester Police Department, NY
Detective Melvin Santiago, Jersey City Police Department, New Jersey
Patrolman Jeffrey Brady Westerfield, Gary Police Department, Indiana
Officer Perry Renn, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indiana
Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares, Jr., Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office, LA
Detective Charles Dinwiddie, Killeen Police Department, TX
Police Officer Alexander Thalmann, New Bern Police Department, NC

The person who shot Patrolman II Nickolaus E. Schultz to death in Merrillville, Indiana may have been black. Media sources we reviewed failed to publish the race or photographs of Michael Hrnciar.

Hrnciar committed suicide after he ambushed Officer Schultz.

If Hrnciar was black, the number of black-on-white cop killings would increase to eight with three of those in Indiana. Merrillville's population is about 45 percent black.

We identified nine white-on-white deaths of police due to gunfire this year. Another was black-on-black. Only one black officer was allegedly gunned down by a white person.

Apologists for violent black crime may complain about the apparent obsession with the racial aspect of this post. It is in response to the media's ongoing misrepresentations in which they have convinced Americans that white police shooting young black males is epidemic.

Below are our findings.

Deputy Sheriff Michael NorriswhiteChristopher Calmerwhite
Corporal Bryon Keith Dickson, IIwhiteEric Freinwhite
Deputy Sheriff Joseph MatuskovicwhiteMichael Oswaldwhite
Corporal Jason E. HarwoodwhiteRoss Preston Lanewhite
Patrolman II Nickolaus E. SchultzwhiteMichael Hrnciar?black
Police Officer Daryl PiersonwhiteThomas Johnson IIIblack
Police Officer Scott PatrickwhiteBrian George Fitch Sr.white
Detective Melvin Santiagowhite/HispanicLawrence Campbellblack
Patrolman Jeffrey Brady WesterfieldwhiteCarl Blount wblack
Officer Perry RennwhiteMajor Davis
Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares, Jr.whiteQuintylan Richardblack
Chief of Police Lee DixonwhiteDavid Risnerwhite
Police Officer Igor SoldowhiteJerad Millerwhite
Police Officer Alyn BeckwhiteJerad Millerwhite
Police Officer Kevin Dorian JordanblackMichael Bowmanwhite
Police Officer Brian JoneswhiteJames Andrew Brownwhite
Police Officer Jair Cabrerawhite/IndianElijah Arthurunknown (Indian?)
Patrolman Stephen ArkellwhiteMichael Nolan?white
Detective Charles DinwiddiewhiteMarvin Louis Guyblack
Trooper Gabriel RichwhiteNathaniel KangasIndian/Hispanic?
Sergeant Patrick Scott JohnsonwhiteNathaniel KangasIndian/Hispanic?
Chief of Police Michael PimentelwhiteJoshua Manuel LopezHispanic
Police Officer David W. SmithwhiteJames Clarkunknown
Police Officer Alexander ThalmannwhiteBryan Augustus Stallingsblack
Master-at-Arms Mark MayoblackJeffrey Savageblack
Police Officer Robert GermanwhiteBrandon Goodewhite
Deputy Sheriff Ricky Del FiorentinowhiteRicardo Antonio Chaney,white
Officer Jason CrispwhiteTroy Whisnantwhite
Detective John Hobbswhite?William Thorntonwhite
Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Scott PinewhiteBenjamin HoltermannAsian
Sergeant Cory WridewhiteMeagan Grunwaldwhite

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