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September 25, 2014

There are, of course, more than five.

These, however, seem to be the most prevailing forms of faux racism currently haunting the minds of those who are unaware that racism is a synaptic illusion.

• White privilege

In a televised interview, Morgan Freeman was directly asked by a black interviewer if racial prejudice remained a deterrent to professional success in America. Freeman pointed to himself and the inquiring newsman as evidence that the barricades were gone.

White privilege is cultural Marxism neologism purposefully perpetuated to intoxicate our minds wit the false notion that white people are unjustly given an edge over non-whites in America. The United States Census Bureau, however, reveals that East Asians earn more per household than whites.

The income disparity that exist between blacks and whites is not the effect of social injustice. Rather, it is the expected reflection of a disparity in intelligence.

In a free-market economy, smart people will -- on an average -- earn more than those less gifted intellectually.

• Microaggressions

Cultural Marxism concedes that overt racism is rare. Crosses no longer burn in cornfields, nor do hooded horsemen ride through the mist on starless nights in search of innocent Negroes to lynch. The advent of cross burning was not as common as the Marxists would have us believe and, even then, the symbolism wasn't nearly as radical as we are led to believe. The second notion, that white thugs routinely ravaged the countryside in search of innocents to dangle is simply made of whole cloth.

How, then, can cultural Marxism convince non-whites that they are victims of white racism when such is not evident? The invent hypotheticals -- sometimes called counter factuals --  in which racism prevails but is undetectable.

If white people hold a hostile attitude towards blacks, that hostility may be unconsciously detected by black victims.

• Disparate impact

It is necessary that racism prevails for cultural Marxism to exist.

The cultural Marxist paradigm that leads to economic Marxism consists of a villain, a victim and a hero. The villain in the American paradigm is white racism. The victims are non-whites. The hero is cultural Marxism that binds us with a never-ending witch hunt.

The discredited doctrine of disparate impact begins with the end. It sees the economic disparity between whites and blacks and searches backwards for the cause; a social counterpart to reverse engineering.

The social engineer discovers that blacks earn less than whites because, in their assessment, blacks were victims of punishments early in life, such as suspensions from school for misbehavior. The consequence of that punishment is that blacks find it more difficult to gain employment.

Cultural Marxism seeks to remedy the effect by removing the cause which it interprets as being the punishments. Schools as required to unfairly punish blacks and whites equally, even when black commit more offenses.

Note that fairness and equality are not the same. Cultural Marxism promotes equality. It couldn't care less about fairness.

Disparate impact fails in that the social engineer stops one domino short of identifying the cause of disparate impact. That first domino is bad behavior. Cultural Marxism cannot alter the behavior of bad-behaving black students, but it can control the educators who dole out punishments. It cites racism as the reason for its tweaking. Sadly, the outcome will not be improved because leftism fails to remedy the real problem -- genetics -- but treats the faux ailment, racism.

It's akin to curing cancer by blood letting. Things don't improve. They become worse.

• Critical race theory

If ever there were a nonsensical neologism, this is it.

The shallowness of this precept is that it is fails to be objective. The intent is not to examine racial issues through critical considerations, but it rather intends to validate a foregone conclusion: Whites are villains and non-white are victims.

Critical race theory never allows itself to consider the overwhelming evidence that whites are the perennial victims of black crime and violence. It's akin to calling a foul before the game begins.

• Transgenerational slavery trauma

This notion presumes that black Americans are thin skinned and weak minded souls who are unable to contend with life challenges because they are burdened with the after effects of slavery.

The trauma experienced by black slaves was passed to non-slave children and, in turn, to grandchildren.

White people are to blame for they are the villains who owned black slaves.

This synthetic racism simply ignores reality. It is born from a misunderstanding of real history. It fails to acknowledge that the first legal slave owner in American history was black, that thousands of free black Americans owned black slave labor, and that slavery was common for centuries in Africa long before Christopher Columbus set foot on Western soil. We wonder why social engineers are keen to discover transgenerational slavery trauma among black Americans, but can't seem to detect it among the descendants of black slaves in Africa where slavery was more common and more brutal.

The answer, of course, is that transgenerational slavery trauma is bogus. It does not exist. It is synthetic racism.

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