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September 22, 2014

Think of it as baseball.

There are four bases to be covered sequentially.

First base: Engagement

The first base in deprogramming a cultural Marxist is engagement.

Leftists, it must be noted, are adverse to real engagement. Leftism's concept of conversation is one in which you shut up and listen while they bequeath their vast reserve of knowledge.

What they fail to realize is that we have been listening. We've had no choice.

We listened to the Marxism's mantra implanted in our minds from the first day we darkened the doors of government schools through mandated Kindergarten. We are inundated with Marxism's nonsense every time we flip on a television. Channel surfing is little more than a tour of various Marxist modes of mind manipulation. Even when we're fortunate enough to land on a channel broadcasting a 1950s sitcom, we still are fed a diet of leftist nonsense during commercials.

The cinema is no better. A typical fare is little more than a Freudian focus group in which our eyes and ears and subsequently minds are force fed white guilt while we suppose we are being entertained.

We listen because we have no choice.

The difference between realists and Marxists is quite simple: Realists are aware that they are being exposed to a false reality. We know Bugs Bunny has never visited Disneyland and so our minds are immune to false memories. We are aware that the first slave owner in American history was a black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson, that about one third of all lynching victims were white, and that countless thousands of free black households owned black slave labor in the antebellum South.

In other words, we have absorbed enough of the antidote to be successfully vaccinated from cultural Marxism's myths. Even the disgusting ploy of jamming and shunning fail to affect us. We know the truth and it has set our minds free.

We are, therefore, prepared to engage leftism. Sadly, leftists don't care to engage. They prefer to access our minds via the media while the insulate themselves from having to face a  cognitive alternative to their mind-bending nonsense.

The first base, therefore, is engagement. Even when leftists dominate the conversation -- they always do -- a single undeniable statistic (52.2 percent of all homicides are committed by blacks) may be enough to get to second base.

Second base: Thought insertion

If you've ever encountered a leftist in conversation, you are well aware that they have no desire to listen. To do so would be to concede areas of the brains that currently occupied by Marxist myths. Such concessions are untenable.

Cultural Marxists will use sarcasm and volume to distance themselves from reality. They simply do not want to be discomforted with even the slightest bit of reality.

They make lots of noise. They almost never make sense.

Fortunately there is no need to control the conversation with a leftist. The objective is to insert undeniable facts into their minds. Allow them to endlessly ramble; just be sure to insert at least one fact that cannot be denied.

Fewer words are often more effective because there is less for the liberal to remember.

Imagine a one-hour conversation with a liberal in which he/she does all the talking. You manage to get out one phrase without interruption: "Did you know the first black military officers in American history served the Confederacy?"

That thought cannot be ignored. As Dr. Ron Paul notoriously quipped, "They can't unhear what we tell them."

First, the liberal must be engaged in conversation, even it's one-sided. Second, the liberal must listen. It may be only a single sentence, but that is all that is usually needed. As a single drop of iodine can purify a whole bottle of water infected with the giardia bacteria, a single thought can begin the process of killing the cultural Marxism bacteria that poisons the liberal mind.

Third base: Think

Third base is the easiest thus far. Imagine a softballer who slams one into centerfield. The batter begins at a dead stand still and accelerates as fast as she possibly can. She may get stuck on first or second base, but until the inning ends, there is still opportunity to bring her home. The momentum is there and the natural tendency of a body in motion is to continue in motion.

Third base is touched when the liberal contemplates the simple fact or facts you've inserted in his or her brain. A person has no choice but to think about what you said.

We're not trying to win arguments. We in the business of winning minds.

An effective strategy is to associate the thought with a physical function. "Do you know why East Asians smile so much? It's because they earn more income per capita than any other ethnic group in America. It's called Asian privilege!"

It matters not the your liberal friend begins a tangent about internment camps. The drop of iodine has been inserted and every time she smiles, she may be reminded that Asians, not whites, are the highest wage earners in America.

"Stop and clear your throat while you listen to this: Did you know that, due to mortality rates, there are slightly more female than male voters in the United States?"

Each time your feminist friend clears her throat, she will be compelled to dispel the myth that men hold political control in the country.

Note that facts are to framed as questions. This compels them to provide an answer; a strategy intended to activate their brain.

First, the liberal must be engaged in conversation, even it's one sided. Second, the liberal must listen, even if it's a single phrase. Third, the liberal must think and, contrary to popular opinion, many liberals can and do think.

Home base: Deprogrammed

The late, great Bart Breitbart is an example of a deprogrammed liberal who regained his senses after years of believing blather. Breitbart's brain epiphany occurred while watching Clarence Thomas being lynched during his confirmation hearings in 1991.

Keep in mind that liberals are in the business of sensitivity training. We are in the business of sensibility training. They are emotion focused, we are reason focused. When reason displaced emotion, a liberal becomes a conservative.

Comedian and commentator Dennis Miller is another example that took the trip around the diamond and slid into home base. Miller was deprogrammed when he began to think during the 1992 presidential campaign. As he listened to liberals chide vice-presidential candidate James Stockdale, a decorated veteran and former prisoner of war, his thinking changed. He changed his mind. He was literally reminded. 

Never attack a cultural Marxist personally. Rather, think of them as teammates who are on their way to home base. Personal and ad hominem attacks are akin to tripping your teammate on a baseball field. 

Remember: It's baseball, not basefall

Actor James Woods is widely respected for his intellect. He is also known as a moderate conservative who views migrated from the political left. If a bright man like Woods can change his mind, anyone with a higher than average intellect can easily make the dash from third base to home. 

As people don't shame themselves by changing their clothes in public, neither do they embarrass themselves by changing their minds in public.

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  1. Bravo,you hit it out of the park.

  2. I got a better one. Load-Lock-Aim-Fire.

  3. John Engelman says:

    What the author of this essay says of "Cultural Marxists" can be said of any poorly informed ideologue, regardless of ideology.

  4. We are not getting out of this one by voting.