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August 31, 2014

Two young black males were arrested after a white homeless man was viciously beaten and robbed.

The thugs followed unarmed Roy Hinsch, 49, after the victim left a store, then encountered him demanding money The thugs rifled through the unarmed mans pockets, them stripped him of his pants which they took with them as they fled.

Reports say police arrested Andre Dyte, 24, and Devante Mims, 22, shortly after the robbery and assault. They were found with the unarmed Hinsh's ID.

From our source we read:

A 49-year-old homeless man was beaten and robbed of his pants Thursday in Daytona Beach, according to police.

Andre Dyte, 24, and Devante Mims, 22, were arrested in the beating, which occurred around 2 a.m. along North Grandview.

According to police, Roy Hinsch was injured in the beating and bit off a piece of his tongue.

Police said Dyte and Mims followed Hinsch from a store and later approached him, demanding money.  They then began punching him, and one of them choked him, police said.

The other man went through the victim's pockets before taking his pants off, police said.

The pair ran off with Hinsch's pants, but the duo was later stopped by police and found with Hinsch's ID.
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