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August 26, 2014

White flight.

It's a phenomenon in which white liberals who don't believe in racial segregation segregate themselves racially by relocating their primary residence.

It's not limited to white liberals, of course.

White people chatter endlessly about their repugnance with white-on-black racism, even as they practice what they preach against.

Granted, racism is immoral. Then again, so is denial.

After all, the commandment, "Thou shalt not bear false witness," speaks to pretense, not literal lying.

When white people say they oppose segregation, then segregate themselves, they are "bearing false witness;" an act of immorality for those who claim biblical standards as a guiding principle.

So why the flight.

A former resident of St. Louis was dismayed to find his childhood home shuttered and abandoned after whites residents were displaced by blacks. The cultural Marxist narrative which most whites rehearse in tone-deaf unison is that white people are irrational racists and bigots who are repulsed by the sight of dark skinned people. Why these same white folks spend hours sunning themselves in the summer transcends explanation.

However, when the discourse of the Marxist mantra is removed, it allows us to think and speak with clarity about the coarse reality that the predatory left has convinced us is 'racist.' That reality speaks thusly: Whites don't flee dark-skinned people. Rather, they flee the violent crime and rascality (popularly termed 'ratchet') that prevails.

The truth is that white people welcome little black children who live and play in their neighborhood. But when the critical mass changes the white neighborhood into a black area, we discover that black people don't welcome little white children. Rather, they beat the crap out of them and, in a few cases, kill them. Recall Autumn Pasquale, for example.

White people also flee lower property values that accompany black populations. Along with lower tax bases comes depleted government services including inferior schools.

Condemning white people as racists when they flee black-on-white racism is akin to calling a mouse a predator as it flees the pursuing cat.

Throughout history there have been times when white people physically withstood the displacement of their culture. Such was the case in Tulsa, Oklahoma when where white people resisted armed black thugs. Historical revisionism, of course, has purged our minds of reality and convinced us that whites were the predatory when they defended themselves. Such has always been the case, as in the episodes of George Stinney, Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin and, more recently, Michael Brown.

Apologists for black-on-white violence are perennially seeking a case to excuse their divergence with reality. When they come up empty handed, the resort to bearing false witness.

From our referenced article we read:

In 1990, the population of the Spanish Lake community in north St. Louis County was 80 percent white and 20 percent black. By 2010, the population was reversed: 80 percent was black and 20 percent was white.  Today, much of the township lies empty.

In what is being called an “unflinching” documentary, film director Phillip Andrew Morton takes a look at the causes of this population shift in the film "Spanish Lake.” It premieres Friday, June 13 at the Tivoli Theatre.

Morton grew up in Spanish Lake, and was driven to produce the documentary by the changes he witnessed in his hometown.

“Returning to Spanish Lake after all those years to see my old house abandoned, my school abandoned, my church abandoned, was a very heartbreaking experience,” said Morton. “To make peace with that experience, I decided to make this documentary as a support system for people who have had the same experience of seeing their hometown decline and /or abandoned.”

In making the film, Morton discovered that real estate tactics played a large role in bringing about the population shift, commonly known as “white flight.”

Preying on fears that blacks moving into the neighborhood would bring down their property value, realtors encouraged white owners to sell their homes before their property value declined, said Morton.

Despite the racial implications, Morton believes white flight is as much about class as it is about race.

“I actually think it has more to do with class than race, because race and class are so intertwined in St. Louis,” said Morton, who links the population shift to the construction of apartment units in what had largely been a community of houses.

"In 1969, 1970, a whole bunch of apartments started going up in north county. In Spanish Lake, 2000 apartment units were put up in a year. That changes the composition of the population of an area so you have a primarily lower-income population," he said.

When asked what can one person do to change the situation, Morton responded, "It comes down to fear. This whole myth of black people bringing down your property value needs to be lifted from St. Louis. That is not the case. The realtors want you to believe that and they want to scare you out of your homes. If you don’t move then areas don’t change. When you move and there is a mass abandonment of your area, there will be decline. So which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Just think about that."
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  1. Oh, OK. So white flight is all due to 'predatory' real estate agents. Good we cleared that up. Once we stop those darn predatory real estate, we can expect the immediate rebirth of Detroit, Gary, St. Louis and other American cities into flourishing paradises of economic and social capital. Cities that are merely distressed will explode into renewed bloom.

    The length these idiots will go to to ignore and dance around facts and reality is astounding.

  2. The other option is that he is as cognizant of the real cause of white flight as we are, but feels that presenting it this way is the only way he will be allowed to tell his story. This would only make him a hypocrite, instead of deranged.


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