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August 19, 2014

Militant leftist hate groups sometimes target our YouTube videos.

Even though our videos are compliant with YouTube's terms of service, leftists will 'flag bomb' the video until YouTube removes it. That is, the leftist hate group is abusing YouTube's community guidelines.

Why they hate us: In the first few days our videos
have been viewed over 15,000 times and we've acquired
133 subscribers. Imagine where we'll be a year from now!
Leftist hate groups want us banned ASAP.
Our response is to make their efforts counter productive.

Each time a video is banned due to hate group 'flag bombing,' we ask scores of our supporters to repost the banned video on their YouTube accounts. (You may want to set up a new YouTube account for this purpose.)

When our video is banned, it reappears scores -- if not hundreds -- of times on YouTube.

Below is a video that was recently banned by YouTube due to flag bombing by a militant leftist hate group.

To post this video on your YouTube account:

1. Click on this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f5his4it4bv6w17/Produce_4.mp4
2. Download the video to your computer.
3. Upload the video to your YouTube account.

Cultural Marxism obscures the truth and establishes a false reality in our minds. Our mission is to pierce gaping holes in their lies, allowing the light of reality to displace those lies.

It is a form of intervention. The anecdote for those who have been brainwashed by religious or secular cults is to expose their minds to reality. We do this reporting the news that the mainstream media ignores. We also exorcise the demons of deception that take possession of our people as they view white guilt movies, watch television, or are forced to endure 'sensitivity training' classes.

By uploading this video you are participating in the intervention and freeing minds darkened by the blight of cultural Marxism.

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  1. This video is disgusting. This is exactly why we, in the US, are fed up w/ black POS and this is why white will always be more civilized than you. Y'all Black fucktards need to get a life, a job, an education. Fuck all of you !


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