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August 13, 2014

While black people loudly protest the shooting death of a Trayvon in St. Louis, white people are quietly stocking up on firearms.

Gun sales have quadrupled in areas near black violence.

From our news source we read:

Gun sales are up across St. Louis since the shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent nights of violence.

Sales have quadrupled at ‘Metro Shooting’ in Bridgeton according to owner Steven King. He says sales have mainly been to men, but not all:
“Probably a dozen or two dozen guns to females, single mothers. We’ve sold to black people, white people. We’ve sold to asians who have businesses on West Florissant.” said King. “They’re just afraid of whats going on and they’re coming in to purchase either additional firearms or their first firearm.”

King says he’s personally seen the fear in their eyes and feels the sorrow in their hearts. King says he’s not raised prices but he knows that some are raiding their savings accounts, feeling that having a gun is that important.

He says nearly 100 percent say they are buying them for defensive purposes. “They’re buying AR-15s, home defense shotguns, handguns, personal defense handguns something for conceal carry.” said King.

Nearly all of his sales at the Bridgeton store have been to people in North County. He has a store in Belleville and says, in contrast, sales have been normal there.
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  1. "Wile black people loudly protest the shooting death of a Trayvon in St. Louis - " you could use a ton of help with 1) your spelling and 2) your warped concept of TIME. No one is currently protesting about the murder of Trayvon Martin though is murderer was not convicted. Nothing in St. Louis is related to Mr. Martin and there was plenty of "White" violence in Ferguson, Missouri (not St. Louis). Get out and do your research. There are actual credible news sites up who feature the name of the murder victim in Ferguson with his photographs up. Said sites also show photos of the "White violence" heaped upon protesters of varied racial classifications and nifty photos of militarized police snipers aiming weapons at peaceful protesters. Worthless piece here.

    1. "Trayvon" is a term for any village-raised young black male.

      Yes, we could use editorial assistance.


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